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Solar the Really Works 3rd Edition


The third edition of Solar that Really Works covers camper trailers, caravans, fifth wheelers, campervans, motorhomes, cabins and small homes. Solar is a subject that increasingly interests, yet one about which competent independent advice is difficult to obtain. Collyn Rivers totally revised new edition of his earlier and separate caravan and motorhome editions of ‘Solar That Really Works’ fills a previously all but unexplored. In one tightly written book, Collyn covers all that is needed to design and install solar electrical systems in anything from a tiny caravan or campervan to a large fishing lodge. Along the way it takes in the specialised needs of big converted coaches and the increasingly accepted fifth-wheeler caravans. Even rural properties and swimming pools are included.
The book covers just what can and cannot realistically be run from a typical solar installation. It shows how to calculate the energy required, shows simple ways of finding out the most probable solar energy available anywhere and anytime in Australia and New Zealand. It shows also how to establish just how much solar modules really do produce. There are many detailed descriptions of actual working systems – including a horror version that shows what not do. The book also full and often illustrated instructions on how to install the system and its components.
As with Collyn’s books generally, the writer leaves nothing that the reader is expected to take on trust. He not only explains, in simple English, the ‘how’ of things, he also explains the ‘whys’. Here, for the first time for many people (including equipment vendors) is why a solar module typically produces only 70% of what it says on the box. And even why this one especially catches out science teachers. The book also introduces the author’s totally new approach to choosing the correct cable size without the need for often misleading and complex wire tables. 
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