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Oyster Vision 3


On the road... but still in the picture. Simply hit the road and experience what Australia has to offer. Travel to remote places, get to know other people, arrive at your destination far away from home, and then put up your feet in your motorhome and turn on your ultra high-tech, internet compatible Oyster Digital fully-automatic satellite TV receiving system from SmartSat. Now you are in touch with the world! If you want no effort at all, SmartSat has the answer.
You don’t need to set up an external satellite dish on a tripod outside the van or fiddle around unsuccessfully winding up and adjusting a manual, roof-mounted system trying to get a signal because SmartSat has the latest satellite receiving technology from Germany. The Oyster Digital fully automatic satellite receiving system is operated from within the van by remote control. At the press of a button the Oyster Digital system finds the satellite of your choice in seconds. The system is programmed to find up to 8 different satellites in Australia with access to hundreds of channels (including international channels) and no on-going fees. The system is compatible with pay TV so if you are a subscriber you can increase the already wide choice of programs.
The search time from one satellite to the next is as quick as 3 seconds! Together with fully integrated positioner, the entire operation of this system is carried out through the remote control communicating with a remote eye that can be mounted discreetly within the vehicle. In order to improve the Oyster even further, all Australian specified systems are now fitted with Automatic Skewing LNB Technology. Now there is no need to climb onto the roof to adjust the LNB! The Oyster Digital is available as an 85cm unit which is a true DIGITAL system with a "Free to View” Aurora CA CAM. The fully automatic Oyster AUTO SKEW SUPER has a 3 year warranty. The Oyster Digital comes with the option of a dual LNB which enables you to watch two televisions at the same time. So don’t leave all the comforts of home behind you when you set off on your travels. Take a SmartSat Satellite receiving system with you and enjoy un-interrupted, clear TV reception wherever you are!
The Oyster FULLY Automatic System includes: 

Features & Benefits:

Digital automatic self-seeking satellite system
Low-level foldaway design
Opens and closes automatically
Programme tuning on screen
Receive broadcasts from up to 8 different satellites**
The Oyster Satellite can be mounted to the roof of any vehicle
Can also be free standing (special floor kit available)
Only 8 inches high when retracted
DVB-Compatible digital receiver with 2 I.R.D slots
Remote eye that can be installed discreetly within the vehicle
Installation is extra on application which usually ranges from 350$ - 750$ depending on the level of difficulty. OR- D.I.Y. installation. (detailed fitting instructions available)
German design and engineering
3 year warranty and reliable service
High-quality craftsmanship and durable materials
Automatic retraction at vehicle start – and like a real oyster, contents are protected when the shell is closed


Totally redesigned skew:
A fully encased powerful motor moves the LNB via worm drive for fast and accurate adjustment. This smart design also makes an LNB change in 5 minutes possible! A winner!
Update via integrated SD-card reader:
When a software update becomes necessary, the files can be downloaded from the Smartsat website, put on a SD card and the system updates itself within minutes. A Game Changer!
Receiver independent:
The Oyster Vision 3 will locate the satellite for you and the either provider supplied satellite receivers or a purchased VAST or other Free to Air box will do the rest. Cheap and Easy!
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