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Saturn Omni Antenna


The Saturn Omni 3000 television antenna is an long range antenna that is omni directional and will pick up reception in the horizontal and vertical planes . It is made of fiberglass and stainless steel and will fit on a mounting up to 28mm round .Ideal for marine, caravan RVs, Motorhomes & houses. No more arguments about which way to turn your antenna.
With the Saturn Omni antenna you just put it up, go inside and tune in your TV .
Saturn TV Antennas are manufactured by Saturn Antennas. Peter Grant, the designer of the antenna, has been in the antenna business for more than 35 years. Since 1998, Saturn Antennas have been used as a marine TV antenna, a caravan and motor home TV antenna as well as a house antenna. The antenna makes life easy for you, no matter where you are - the Grampians, Marble Bar, or the Blue Mountains.


Dimensions: 480mm diameter with 100mm stem

Weight 1.8kg

Frequency Range:
47-230 Mhz – 28db gain

470-860 Mhz – 34 db gain

Amplifier Kingray - 240v 130ma 12v 100ma

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