Jack 12v Digital HDTV Replacement Antenna


The Jack 12v digital antenna is your way to receive free crystal clear digital high definition television. With a built-in amplifier for maximum UHF and VHF reception offering better reception of UHF signals than older antennas, replacing existing antennas in just 5mins with everyday tools.

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  • Replace your existing antenna in just 5 minutes with no special tools needed.
  • Built-in Amplifier for maximum UHF and VHF reception.
Power SupplyInput 240v~50Hz Output 12v= 50mA 0.2A
Frequency BandsVHF (47-230Mhz) – 20 dB gain UHF (470-860Mhz) – 25 dB gain
Dimensions415mm (W) x 318mm (D) x 55mm (H)
PoleNot included

Additional information

Weight500 g
Dimensions500 x 300 x 50 mm