Morningstar Sunsaver MPPT Regulator


Solar Regulator Maximum power point tracker. Efficient battery charging even when solar insolation is low

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Morningstar Sunsaver MPPT solar controller with TrakStar Technology™ is an advanced maximum power point tracking (MPPT) battery charger for off-grid photovoltaic (PV) systems. The controller features a smart tracking algorithm that maximizes the energy harvest from the PV and also provides load control to prevent over discharge of the battery.

The Morningstar Sunsaver MPPT is well suited for both professional and consumer PV applications including automatic lighting control. Its charging process has been optimized for long battery life and improved system performance. This product is epoxy encapsulated for environmental protection, may be adjusted by the user via four settings switches or connection to a personal computer, and has an optional remote meter and battery temperature sensor.

Maximizes Energy Harvest
Our TrakStar MPPT Technology features:
• Peak efficiency of over 97%
• Almost no power losses
• Recognition of multiple power peaks during shading or mixed PV arrays
• Excellent performance at low solar insolation levels

Use of High Voltage Modules
Enables the use of high voltage and thin film modules for off-grid battery charging.

Higher Voltage PV Arrays
Provides a means to use a higher voltage PV array to charge either a 12V or 24V battery.

Lower System Cost
Less expensive than other MPPT controllers and is affordable in smaller PV systems up to 400Wp. Allows system costs to be reduced by down-sizing the PV array, using on-grid or thin film modules and decreasing cable sizes.

Load Control
Automatically disconnects loads when the battery has been discharged to a low state of charge.

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