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Springers Solar provides a design and installation service for residential owners who are interested in solar power solutions for their home.

By installing solar power, the solar photovoltaic (PV) panel system on the household unit starts generating its own electricity supply from the sun. Any surplus electricity that is generated is exported to the Queensland electricity grid.

The Queensland State Government’s Solar Bonus Scheme compensates home owners for electricity exported to the grid. This will occur on any given day where more energy is generated by the solar panels than it is consumed by the day-to-day power requirements of a household.


Springers Solar has proudly been part of the National Solar Schools Program supplying a number of schools and colleges with solar solutions:

  • Mueller College – 18.36kWp (national award for excellence 2010 Clean Energy Australia)
  • Ormiston College – 20kWp
  • St Benedict’s School – 10kWp


In sunny Queensland, installation of a grid connect solar panel system allows an owner to take full advantage of the sun’s energy by converting sunlight into household electricity to power homes, offices and schools.

The rooftop placement of the latest high efficiency solar panels silently collects the sunlight while the inverter converts and controls the flow of electricity into the home, office or school environment.

By installing a grid connect system you will generate your own electricity, which will reduce your reliance on the grid network. If you produce more electricity than you use you will receive credits towards your electricity account at your feed in tariff rate.

Benefits of solar powered electricity are numerous with the most positive being its sustainable green energy claim. Solar energy is a renewable energy source that is clean, silent and naturally replenished.

By installing solar panels you will immediately assist in reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.

It is only fair that if you acquire your energy stores from a free source such as the sun, you then benefit from cost savings as well. This is exactly what solar power allows you to do.

Springers Solar offer a range of system sizes to suit individual needs. Firm prices will be provided following a site inspection of the property. Springers Solar employ fully licensed electrical contractors and Clean Energy Council accredited staff.

Installing Grid Connected Solar Power

If you would like to expand your knowledge of small scale solar power systems and what you should know if you are intending to install one of these systems, take a look at the Clean Energy Council of Australia website.

They have plenty of resources - look for the Solar PV Buying Guide, which is very informative for those wanting to know more.

Solar Credits and Small-Scale Technology Certificates

Solar credits and small-scale technology certificates (STC’s) are important parts of buying a grid connect solar power system.

Solar Credits were introduced by the federal government to assist home owners and small businesses purchase solar power. The Clean Energy Regulator has excellent material on their website to enable you to understand this program and who is eligible to claim the subsidy.

If you have any concerns or questions about how this applies to you, do not hesitate to contact Springers Solar.

Springers Solar is a Registered STCs agent with the Clean Energy Regulator.

Solar Feed in Tariff - QLD

A number of electricity retailers already offer competitive feed-in tariffs in South East Queensland, so to make sure you get a fair rate, you should compare rates available from different retailers in your area.

GRID CONNECT home battery storage

With the small tariffs that electricity retailers are paying for power exported to them from your solar and the already high and constantly increasing purchase price of power, now is the time to store your excess solar energy in batteries. Springers are Tesla and Enphase partners and we have three clean energy council accredited stand alone power system designers/installers on staff. We have extensive experience with battery installations and have been installing in remote areas in homes using batteries for the last 14 years. The latest pricing from Enphase and Tesla has finally unlocked the true potential of solar systems and renewable energy in general. With storage we finally have base load power for renewable's, lets get prepared for the revolution. New and existing solar systems can be fitted with home battery storage. We can organise a site visit to come out and discuss all your options for solar and storage.

Please follow the links for more information

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Enphase AC Battery

Tesla Powerwall

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Springers Solar often receive calls from owners of solar grid connect and other types of solar power systems requesting services to check or rectify a faulty system.

These inquiries are typically from customers of other solar installers who are either not in business anymore or they wish to use someone who is independent and trusted in the industry.

We happily accept these kinds of jobs and will provide in many cases, free advice and information over the telephone. If the issue requires a service call, Springers Solar will supply a quotation and time frame, in most cases, straight away.

The typical services supplied are:

  • Solar panels array cleaning, voltage and continuity check
  • Total solar PV system health check
  • Component repair and replacement
  • System upgrades

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Our online store has a full listing of our product range for solar grid connect systems.

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