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Home power system for Blackout season

28 March 2007


Modern times has seen a major reliance on electricity to power our lives. Flicking a switch is second nature to all people to power appliances or light up the room, however our dependence on electricity becomes more evident in the event of a mains power shortage – or “BlackOut”!! Nothing Works!! The rooms go dark at night, we then crash and bang our way to find matches, torches, candles – anything to bring the light back. Blackouts during the daylight hours for business generally mean no computers, no Eftpos – no chance of doing business easily.

What if a system was easy to come by to prevent, if not cancel the possibilities of blackouts for good – how could you use it?? We have all heard of generators which require fuel, maintenance and ventilated areas to run – not to mention that many of them are noisy. Plus how many people keep their generators (if they own one), in close proximity to where it’s needed - in the office of home.

Introducing the ‘Energy Series’ Power System

There is a system available that prevents if not ceases the common “Blackout” – The Energy Series Power System. The system is simplistic in its design with 3 main components:

1. A DC to AC power inverter is used to convert normal battery power into PURE SINE WAVE mains power electricity. The rated output power is 1500 watts, with massive amounts of available surge power to start large loads (around 4kWatts of surge power).

2. An automatic mains power transfer switch is built into the inverter which senses the instant that normal electricity fails (blackout) and turns the inverter on. This event happens so quickly that your television, refrigerator or computer will not even notice the change over period.

3. The final component is the most vital – a smart battery charger designed to recharge your batteries very quickly (ready for the next blackout), and then maintain them at a safe voltage allowing the battery charger to be left on indefinitely.

These three components make up the Energy Series power system become a simple “Off the Shelf” power system. However the real heart of the blackout buster system lies with the batteries. These store the power ready to use once a blackout hits, acting much like a fuel tank in your car that keeps the car going while there is fuel in the tank. The length of time that your blackout system works relates directly to how much “Fuel” you consume and how “Fast” you drive the system.

Why the Energy Series Pure Sign Wave Power System is the best blackout buster available?

There are far bigger and more power full inverter systems on the market today, but none of them have the specifications, performance or price point that the Energy Series Power system offers. It is estimated that a complete power system can be supplied and installed into most homes for around only $5,200 (1There are many variables that set the final fixed price, such as power box set up, and time to install by a local electrician).

For this price of around $5,200 and with proper usage in the event of a blackout the power can be maintained for around a period of over 12 + Hours. So lets be realistic – a back up power system only needs to work when there is a blackout!! When you don’t have a blackout there is mains electricity available to use to run everything. To get the most out of your power system, here are a few tips:

• The installation of your Energy Series Power system is vital, here are some essentials
o Only 1 x light circuit can be installed to the system and 1 x power point circuit can be installed (ceiling fans generally are run from your light circuits – so you can still stay cool at night).
o You cannot run ovens, stoves, hot water systems or air-conditioners off the Energy Series power system – this would just make the cost of installing a back up power system well beyond the reach of anybody.
o In the event of a blackout it is wise to turn off lights not required and appliances such as kettles or frypans should not be used (they draw too much power). Remember the length of backup time is dictated by the drain from your batteries, and the more appliances / lights being run the quicker the drain on the batteries.

• To see what the Energy Series Power system will do for you, try this simple test tonight
o Find your electricity distribution panel
o Turn off each light circuit one at a time. Record the circuit that has the lights that you would want to remain on during a blackout (generally living room and corridor).
o Do the same for your power point circuits until you find the circuit that runs your refrigerator. This circuit needs to be connected to the Energy Series system to ensure your refrigerator remains on and cold – no more food spoilage!!

Where to Install the System

Installation must be carried out by a licensed 240 volt electrician – there are lethal voltages present in both the mains power board and Energy Series Power system. The actual Inverter and batteries can really be installed anywhere that is out of the way, cool, dry and reasonably well ventilated. All that is needed to run from this system is an inlet and outlet power wire, with all the main wiring collections in the circuit board. For both safety and simplistic purposes, fully sealed non venting batteries are used to allow them to be installed in an enclosure (better than pungent battery smells common with many battery systems). Any qualified Electrician can easily install the system, and 24 hour technical support is but only a phone call away should they need it. We have put together a check list that any electrician can quickly read, understand and get on with the job of creating a back up power system that will never leave you in the dark again.

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