Perhaps you can recall the massive Australian solar boom in the mid-late 2000’s?

A boom that was partly due to the government rebates of up to $8000 on new solar installations, plus energy companies paying up to a whopping 66c per kW for feed-in tariffs in some parts of Australia.

Some of our customers on the Queensland Solar Bonus Scheme are happily still receiving a feed-in tariff of 44c per kW-hour for electricity put back into the grid.

However, while these remarkable feed-in tariffs are no longer available to new solar customers, with Queensland energy companies now paying approximately 8-14c per kW, if you’ve been considering solar for a while, there are still great incentives available. One such incentive that is tied to Australia’s renewable energy targets is called the Small-scale Technology Certificates or “STC” scheme which should continue to provide discounts off the purchase price of an eligble solar install until 2030.

That’s not the entire picture though, there’s more to the recent spike in solar.

Why the renewed Australian solar boom?

Aside from the current STC incentives, at Springers Solar Brisbane we believe it’s a combination of factors. Not only are people more environmentally conscious, but solar again makes financial sense. Here are our 3 biggest reasons for installing home solar in 2017:

1. Solar Is Again, An Investment

While the historic solar schemes of the mid-late 2000’s aren’t available anymore, solar technology and battery storage has caught up, making solar potentially the most cost-effective way to provide electricity to your home.

Why is solar so cost effective? Partly because of the government’s STC incentives, but even more so, high-quality solar panels and inverter technology has never been so affordable.

In 2009 you would have been looking at a $20,000+ investment to install a 3kW rooftop system. A far superior and more efficient 3kW rooftop system today will now cost you between $4000 and $6000.

With the installation costs significantly reduced, the numbers again add up.

Your solar investment can now break even in 4-5 years if you use the majority of your energy throughout the day. If no one is home during the day, your returns might take around 8-10 years (10-12%). From an investment point of view however, this is fantastic. Imagine if your car paid for itself after eight years of use!

2. You Can Now Make More Informed Decisions

Prior to 2009, you would have been looking at a $20,000+ investment to install a 3kW rooftop system. A far superior, larger and more efficient 5kW rooftop system will now cost you between $6000 to $10,000. It was a bit tricky to find reliable solar information and a team you could trust. Now in our digital age, this information is at your fingertips.

Today you can see the exact people who’ll answer the phone when you call, who will be coming to your home and importantly their solar accreditations. For example, if you would like to see the Springers Solar Team, please feel free to meet us here:

Everything else aside, the team you use makes a huge difference.

Unfortunately, there have been a lot of cowboys in the solar industry and some real horror stories from cheap solar panels, inverters and low quality batteries being installed into Queensland homes. Likewise, the information age helps us here at Springers too. We are continually researching solar advances and QA reports to ensure our systems are the most efficient, and most reliable.

One major milestone was the CEC’s review, 76% of solar brands are no longer listed as approved for use in Australia, again showing how much smarter and more transparent solar has become since the last boom.

3. Battery Technology Has Bloomed

Perhaps the biggest and most exciting advances in solar technology are in battery storage. You have likely seen a few Tesla cars on our Brisbane roads, and Tesla has paved the public image for homes too.

With this growing public awareness, a lot of tech companies are investing heavily in designing and producing solar batteries. At Springers, we have been installing home battery solutions for 14 years and have seen this amazing evolution.

Springers are accredited Tesla and Enphase partners and you can see our home battery solutions here

The 2017 pricing from Enphase and Tesla shows the true potential of renewable, green energy. Excitingly, battery technology is not just reserved for new solar installations either. We can fit your home with the latest, most efficient battery storage solutions available if you have a pre-existing solar system too.

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