Energy retailers are starting to offer larger feed in tariffs (commonly shortened to FIT) for solar customers.

There are some really good discounts available so it is worth shopping around to get the best deal.

Be careful of the high solar tariff bait and check the other tariffs and supply charge as the FIT is only one piece of the puzzle.

Make sure that you consider each retail electricity plan as a whole.


Your electricity bill will consist of :-  

Tariff 11 – Peak tariff (general use tariff on for 24hrs a day, solar offsets this tariff only)    24-30 cents

Tariff 33 – Off Peak tariff (economy tariff on for 16hrs a day) 20 – 24 cents

Tariff 31 – Off Peak tariff (super economy tariff on from 10pm to 6am) 18 – 22 cents

Supply Charge – Usually around $1 per day

Solar Metering Charge  around 6c per day

Off Peak Metering Charge around 3c per day

Solar Feed in Tariff – 7c – 20c

(prices ex GST)


Retailers will then offer discounts off the total price of the bill.


What retailer works for some is not right for others, to maximise the return from your solar investment, self-consumption/using the solar energy during the day will give you the best outcome.

If you are exporting a large amount of energy on to the network you may be better with a high feed in tariff, however if you are not exporting onto the grid go for a plan that has a lower feed in and generally lower tariff 11 rates.


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