LG NeON® R – Featuring an innovative new design which allows an incerdible 38% more electricity per m2 than a standard 260W panel, it can also withstand at least twice the wind load to normal standard panels.



Great Visual Appearance
LG NeON® R panels have been designed with appearance in mind. Their black cells, black frames and no metal solders or wires on the front of the panel give an aesthetically pleasing uniform black appearance. Your home deserves the LG NeON® R.
12 Years Product Warranty (Parts & Labour)
The LG product warranty is 2 years longer than the industry standard 10 years and covers 12 years. The warranty is held by LG Electronics Australia and New Zealand. The warranty includes replacement labour and transport.
More Power per Square Metre
LG NeON® Rs 360W are a similar physical size to many conventional 260W panels. This means with the LG NeON® R 360W you get 38.4% more electricity per square metre than a 260W panel. So you can install more kW of solar on your roof with the LG NeON® R.
Improved 25 Year Performance Warranty
The NeON® R has a much better 25 year performance warranty than the majority of panels on the Australian market. It will still achieve at least 87.6% of rated output after 25 years, compared to 80.2% for standard panels. The annual degradation rate from years 5 to 25 is 0.4% compared to 0.7% for standard panels.
Proven Field Performance
LG has been involved in a number of comparison tests of the LG panels against many other brand panels and performed very well. LG NeON® R are LG Solar’s most efficient and highest output panels.
The N-type doping of the NeON® cells results in extremely low Light Induced Degradation (LID) when compared with the standard P-type cells. This means more electricity generation over the life of the panel.
Corrosion Resistance Certifications
LG NeON® R panels can be installed confidently right up to the coastline. The panels have received certifications for Salt Mist Corrosion to maximum severity 6 and Ammonia Resistance.
Extensive Testing Programme
LG solar panels are tested between 2 to 4 times the International Standards at our in-house testing laboratories, ensuring a very robust and longer lasting solar module.
Strict Quality Control Reliable for the Future
The quality control of LG world-class solar production is monitored and improved to Six Sigma quality control standards, which includes 500+ monitoring points to effectively maintain and improve our uncompromising quality.
Cyclone Wind Load Resistance
LG modules have a strong double walled frame. When it comes to wind forces (rear load) many competitor modules are certified to 2400 Pascals. LG modules are certified to more than double -5400 Pascals, which provides at least double the strength and durability to a standard module.
Multi Anti-reflective Coatings Increase Output
LG is using an anti-reflective coating on the NeON® R glass as well as on the cell surface to ensure more light is absorbed in the panel and not reflected. More absorbed light means more electricity generation.
Positive Tolerance (0/+3%)
If we sell you a 360 Watt panel then the flash test of this panel will show somewhere between 360W and 370.1W. Some competitor panels have -/+ tolerance, so you could get a flash test result below the rated Watt, meaning you pay for Watts you never get.
Improved High Temperature Performance
Solar panels slowly lose ability to generate power as they get hotter. LG NeON® R, has an improved temperature co-efficient to standard modules, which means in hot weather LG NeON® R panels will deliver higher electricity output.
Anti PID Technology for Yield Security
PID (Potential Induced Degradation) affects the long term ability of panels to produce high level electricity output. LG panels have anti PID technology and have been successfully tested by leading third party laboratories regarding PID resistance.
Heading: Multi–Ribbons Increases Power
The NeON® R 30 multi-ribbon busbar technology hidden at the rear of the module, under the backing sheet, lowers electrical resistance and increases panel efficiency, giving more power per panel and provides a more uniform look to the panel.
Fully Automated Production in South Korea
All LG solar panels are manufactured in a custom designed and fully automated production line by LG in Gumi, South Korea ensuring extremely low tolerances. This means great quality and build consistency between panels.

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