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Senses charging on two battery banks
Pull off and snap on insulating cover
LED indicates ACR status
1 ?4″” x .032″” male quick connect terminal for ground
7? 16″” (11 mm) stud length to accept multiple cable terminals
Waterproof ? rated IP67 for temporary immersion


Nominal Voltage 12V DC
24V DC
Start Isolation Condition: Engine starting
Relay is open isolating batteries
Batteries are isolated to protect sensitive electronics from voltage sags and spikes Yes
Amperage Operating Current 90mA (Combine)
15mA (Open)
Terminal Stud Torque 60 in-lb (6.78 Nm)
Continuous Rating The maximum current a switch is designed to conduct for an indefinite period. 65A
Intermittent Rating The maximum amount of current a switch is designed to carry for a minimum of a designated period of time. 115A (5 min)
Cable Size to Meet Ratings 6 AWG
Maximum Cable Size 1/0 AWG
Terminal Stud Size 1/4″” – 20 (M6)
Relay Contact Position
Combine 30 sec 13.6V DC
Open 10 sec 12.35V DC
Open 30 sec 12.75V DC
Open High 16.0V
Under Voltage Lockout As a safety feature, some ACRs prevent combining into a severely discharged battery. A dual-sensing ACR will monitor the voltage on both batteries and will not connect if either battery is below the undervoltage lockout level. Use caution when combining into a battery with extremely low voltage, because this might represent a faulty battery or a problem elsewhere in the system. 9.5V
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