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Discover’s Deep Cycle AGM batteries were created to meet the needs of today’s demanding users, specifically in the challenging world of leisure applications.

Discover Deep Cycle AGM batteries incorporate improvements not commonly seen in these applications.
We set the standard with our robust Polypropylene (PP) case, providing enhanced mechanical and thermal properties. Not only does the case technology offer the advantage of improved heat resistance, it provides the benefit of high chemical resistance, making it ideal for under the bonnet applications. Every Deep Cycle AGM battery from Discover is made with superior plates, complete with intercell welding, not commonly seen with other ABS designs.

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The D27 and D31 Deep Cycle AGM batteries were created to meet the demanding needs of the users and the challenging applications of RV, Marine, 4 Wheel Drive, and Camping. 

The design has seen improvements in the battery case, battery plates and intercell welding over traditional ABS case designs. Most deep cycle VRLA batteries are constructed using an ABS case. Discover D27 and D31 batteries use a PPE (Polypropylene) case, which is the same material used to build automotive batteries, hence has superior mechanical, thermal and electrical properties along with it offers very good resistance to heat distortion and a high resistance to chemicals making it suitable for under the bonnet applications.

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Weight 29000 g
Dimensions 308 × 172 × 236 mm