Morningstar Sunsaver 10A 12V Solar Regulator LVD

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Morningstar’s SunSaver™ is the world’s leading small solar controller for both professional and consumer applications including standard features and capabilities not found in any other small PV controller.

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Since its first market introduction in 1996, over 1 million SunSaver controllers have been installed in over 73 countries for numerous solar power systems including oil/gas, telecom and instrumentation, marine and boating, and remote homes. Morningstar Sunsaver 10A has retained much of our legacy design including the same ratings, footprint and simple user interface, and have added several new and advanced high value features:

Extremely High Reliability
• Failure rate of less than 1 per 1,000 shipped (<0.1%)
• 100% solid state. Power MOSFET design
• Manufactured in an ISO 9000 factory
• 100% pre-shipment functional testing
Longer Battery Life
• Advanced PWM charging
• Series design (not shunt) for cool operation
• 4-stage charging: bulk, absorption, float, equalize
• Optimized sealed or flooded battery set points
• Temperature compensated charging
• Low voltage load disconnect on several versions
Designed for Harsh Environments
• Temperature rating of –40°C to +60°C
• Epoxy encapsulation for protection against humidity and dust ingress
• Corrosion protection: marine rated terminals and anodized aluminum case
• Morningstar Sunsaver 10A is certified for use in hazardous locations
Easy to Install and Use
• Factory pre-sets result in no required install settings
• Electronic protections prevent damage from wiring mistakes
• Fully automatic operation and fault recovery
• LED’s display extensive information about status, faults and battery condition
Rated Solar Current 10Amp
Rated Load Current 10Amp
System Voltage 12
Low Volt Disconnect Yes


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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 185 × 100 × 70 mm