Projecta PH125 Power Hub w/ FREE PC400 12V 4A Battery Charger

$399.00 $375.00 INC GST


Unit sold with FREE PC400 Battery Charger

Ideal for the home professional wanting a charger for a range of charging applications, eg. motorbike, jet ski, small passenger vehicles.




The Power-Hub is ideal for powering appliances on the campsite, including fridges, radio, lighting & other appliances. It is also perfect for charging your favourite devices such as laptops, tablets while you are ‘off the grid’. Take power wherever you go with the power-Hub.

4WD & Leisure

The Power-Hub is also an excellent, simple alternative to dual battery systems. As vehicles become more advanced, fitting a secondary battery with adequate capacity is becoming harder with redcued space in the engine bay. The Power-Hub removes the need for a vehicle mounted battery allowing you to have all the benefits of a dual battery system. Its portable nature also allows you to take power away from your vehicle.


The Power-Hub is perfect for taking on caravanning trips. It provides a versatile convenient power source which can be used when power is required outside or away from the caravan. It is also great to take with you on a day trip so you can explore the world with the luxury of power at the touch of a button.

On the Worksite

The Power-Hub is an excellent alternative power source on the worksite allowing you to power accessories (e.g. fridges & stereo systems) as well as powering & charging work equipment (e.g. Battery powered tools) when mains power is not readilly available. The durable design lends itself to the harsh environment of the worksite. never run out of power with the Power-Hub.

LCD Screen With Smart Battery Gauge

The Power-Hub features a unique full colour 2.4″ LCD screen with a smart battery gauge which features predicted state of charge, automatic chemistry select, time to full charge & time to empty as well as programmable low battery capacity & battery health alarms. The user friendly operation allows you to constantly monitor the battery status to make sure you always have power when you need it.

300W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

The inbuilt 300W inverter provides the convenience of 240V AC power. Pure sine wave inverters are able to run much more sensitive equipment than modified sine wave inverters allowing safe powering of laptops, radios & other sensitive equipment. The inverter replicates mains power for use anywhere allowing you to go further ‘off the grid’ than ever before while still having the convenience of powering all your appliances.

10 Power Outlets

The Power-Hub is equipped with 10 power outlets which allow you to power a wider range of appliances & devices than ever before. Including a 50A heavy duty Anderson & direct connection to DC terminals for applications requiring a high rate of current.

Outlets include:
2 x 15A Merit
2 x 2A USB
1 x 50A Heavy Duty Anderson Connection
1 x DC Terminal Connection
2 x 10A Cigarette Lighter Socket
1 x Engel Socket
1 x 240V AC Socket

**Battery not included**

Ideal for the home professional wanting a charger for a range of charging applications, eg. motorbike, jet ski, small passenger vehicles.


Adjustable Output
Suitable for a wide range of different size batteries

Calcium Mode
Adjusts the charging profile to suit calcium batteries

Rejuvenation Mode
Revitalises tired batteries, increasing battery life and performance(subject to battery condition)

Side Mounting Wings
Optional mounting wings for permanent installation

Fused Wiring Harness

0.6m harness allows permanent connection and features polarity protection