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Intelligent battery monitoring to prevent unwanted switching
Some battery combiners (also called voltage controlled relay, or split charge relay) will disconnect a battery in case of a
short but high amperage load. A battery combiner also may fail to connect a large but discharged battery bank because
the DC voltage immediately drops below the disengage value once the batteries are connected.
The software of the Cyrix-ct 12/24 does more than simply connect and disconnect based on battery voltage and with a
fixed time delay. The Cyrix-ct 12/24 looks at the general trend (voltage increasing or decreasing) and reverses a previous
action only if the trend has reversed during a certain period of time. The time delay depends on the voltage deviation
from the trend. (for Battery Combiners with multiple engage/disengage profiles, please see the Cyrix-i 400)

Long bolts to allow connection of more than one power cable
Cyrix 12/24-120: 13 mm (M6) Cyrix 12/24-230: 16 mm (M8)

Protection against overheating (due to a long duration overload e.g.)
The Cyrix will disengage in case of excessive contact temperature, and re-engage again after it has cooled down.

LED status indication (Cyrix 12/24 230 only)
LED on: engaged LED 10 s flash: disengaged
LED 2 s flash: connecting LED 2 s blink: disconnecting
LED 0,25 s blink: alarm (over temperature; voltage > 16 V; both batteries < 10 V; one battery < 2 V)
(multiply by two for 24 V)

12/24 V auto ranging
The Cyrix-ct 12/24 automatically detects system voltage.

No voltage loss
Cyrix battery combiners are an excellent replacement for diode isolators. The main feature is that there is virtually no
voltage loss so that the output voltage of alternators or battery chargers does not need to be increased.

Prioritising the starter battery
In a typical setup, the alternator is directly connected to the starter battery. The accessory battery, and possibly also a
bow thruster and other batteries are each connected to the starter battery with Cyrix battery combiners. When a Cyrix
senses that the starter battery has reached the connect voltage it will engage, to allow for parallel charging of the other

Bidirectional voltage sensing and power supply from both batteries
The Cyrix senses the voltage of both connected batteries. It will therefore also engage if for example the accessory
battery is being charged by a battery charger. The Cyrix-ct 12/24 has a dual power supply. It will therefore also close if the voltage on one battery is too low to operate the Cyrix. In order to prevent unexpected operation during installation or when one battery has been disconnected, the Cyrix-ct 12/24 will not close if the voltage on one of the two battery connections is lower than 2 V (12 V battery) or 4 V (24 V

Parallel connection in case of emergency (Start Assist)
The Cyrix can also be engaged with a push button (Cyrix remains engaged during 30 seconds) or a switch to connect
batteries in parallel manually. This is especially useful in case of emergency when the starter battery is discharged or damaged


LED Status indication – No
Continuous current – 120A
Cranking rating ( 5 seconds) – 180A
Connect voltage – 13 to 27.6 V with intelligent trend detection
Disconnect voltage – 11 to 25.7V with intelligent trend detection
Current consumption when open – < 4mA
Current consumption when closed – 12V; 220mA, 24V; 120mA
Start assist – Yes
1m control cable – No
Protection category – IP54
Weight – 0.11 kg
Dimensions ( h * w * d ) – 46 * 46 * 80 mm