Stand Alone Power Systems (Off-Grid)

In sunny Queensland, installation of an off-grid solar panel system allows an owner to take full advantage of the sun’s energy by converting sunlight into household electricity to store power for homes, offices and schools.

The rooftop placement of the latest high efficiency solar panels silently collects the sunlight while the inverter/charger will stop the solar system from recharging the batteries once they are full. When your solar system is not producing electricity, your battery bank will send power to your household appliances.
If the battery bank state-of-charge level gets too low, the inverter/charger will turn on the fuel generator automatically to power the house electrical appliances and recharge the battery bank.

By installing an off-grid system you will generate and store your own electricity, which will remove the need for a public network.

Benefits of solar powered electricity are numerous with the most positive being its sustainable green energy claim. Solar energy is a renewable energy source that is clean, silent and naturally replenished.

By installing solar panels you will immediately assist in reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.

It is only fair that if you acquire your energy stores from a free source such as the sun, you then benefit from cost savings as well. This is exactly what solar power allows you to do.

Springers Solar offer a range of system sizes to suit individual needs. Firm prices will be provided following a site inspection of the property. Springers Solar employ fully licensed electrical contractors and Clean Energy Council accredited staff.



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LG panels, and especially the NeON range have specific technical advantages, which can result in better performance, and overall more electricity output by solar systems powered by our panels, compared with other standard panels



Solar energy systems include PV panels and inverters. Traditional string inverters have a number of significant drawbacks. SolarEdge DC optimized inverters overcome these traditional concerns to offer more energy, better maintenance, and enhanced safety.



If you’re like us, you want a home energy system that just works. A system that makes your life easier – and saves you money – but one you don’t have to think about. The Enphase Home Energy Solution combines solar, storage, and software that tracks your production and consumption: an all-in-one system that maximises your energy savings while you’re busy living your life.



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