4 x 50A Genuine Red Anderson Plugs

4 x 50A Genuine Red Anderson Plugs


Brand: Anderson Power Products

Reference No. 4ANDERSONRED



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SB50 Anderson plug:

Anderson Plugs / Socket are the preferred heavy duty connection for all DC power distribution and battery connections. The gender less design allows you to quickly create custom, highly efficient connections for any DC and solar setup.

The one piece fully insulated plastic housing is rated at a huge 50amps. Designed to accept cable from 16 to 6 AWG they are perfect for all your solar and charging needs. These trailer plugs also feature low resistance silver plated contacts capable of handling high currents with minimal loss.

The 50a Anderson plug is built to last. Made from durable polycarbonate with stainless steel locking springs it is a favourite amongst off-road campers, 4x4 's and caravaners alike.

The genderless design simply means each unit is a plug/socket - 2 units are required for a complete connection. There is a range of colours available to enable you to create easily discernible circuits. Each colour has a unique key, which can not be mis-connected. ie colours will only mate with themselves, red to red or blue to blue.

Each kit includes one housing and 2 contacts. You simply crimp your wire into the contact which is then inserted into the appropriate side ( - / +) of the housing. You now have a high quality, easy access, quick release connection point.

There is a complete range of Anderson accessories available including weatherproof covers and mounting bracket providing a practical solution for every situation. For common setups there is a variety of pre-made high current adapter leads such as alligator clamps, solar panel pv plug leads, battery terminal eyelets and even piggyback / double adapter leads. 

The red Anderson plug is often used for un-regulated solar feeds or for an ALKO ESC line. Please note red Anderson plugs will only plug into another red Anderson plug. They are not compatible with any other colour.



- Great for battery or other applications where the ability to interrupt circuits is required

- Incendiary strong construction

- Low resistance silver plated contacts

- Gender less design allows multiple connections

- Impossible to connect reserve polarity

- Multiple colour / keyed options

- Accepts heavy duty cable (6 AWG)

-  Low Resistance Silver or Tin Plated Copper Contacts

*Please note Springers Solar only sells SB50 Anderson plugs with 6 B&S contacts. 


Model number:




Rated amperage:


Voltage rating (AC/DC):


Wire size range:

Up to 16mm2

Dimensions (LxWxH):

48mm x 36.5mm x 15.9mm


40 grams

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