Battery Box Plastic L:340 x W:200 x H:225(mm) - With Power Outlets

Battery Box Plastic L:340 x W:200 x H:225(mm) - With Power Outlets

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The OEX Power Box turns an ordinary battery into a convenient and user friendly power station. Simply fit a Deep Cycle Battery into the pre-wired box and you are ready to go. The box has a push-button indicator which tells you how much power is left in the battery, as well as wing nut terminals so that you can connect up your charger, inverter, fridge or lights (or you can use the cigarette socket or the merit-style socket for fridge, lights etc.).

Also comes with a hold down strap to secure it while you are travelling, and if you want USB style charging then we stock USB chargers which will fit into one of the sockets.

This power pack allows you to choose your own accessories (we can help with the right size Battery charger, DC to AC Inverter etc. if you need them) and still have money left over for the Deep Cycle Battery. If you do this then the total package price including a battery charger, inverter, box and battery is often much cheaper than the price charged for some of the alternative power packs which also come without the battery (e.g. the Ark Pak).

Ask for our special offers when you buy this product with a Deep Cycle battery or a Charger or Inverter.


  • Suits : N70Z size batteries (e.g. most 100Ah or 120Ah batteries)
  • Internal Size:  200mm x 190mm x 330mm
  • External Size : 280mm x 220 mm x 390mm
  • Material : Polypropylene
  • Accessory Socket : 20A circuit breaker
  • Cigarette Socket : 10A circuit breaker

Recommended Charger:

  • 240V : IC100
  • Solar : SPP80K
  • 12V:DC20


Shipping Weight1.8000kg
Shipping Width0.400m
Shipping Height0.290m
Shipping Length0.240m

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