98CCBEDNW/G10 (10A/10MA)

Brand: Enerdrive

Reference No. CMSRCD3PIN/10MA


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189.09 Excl
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CMS Electracom manufacture a range of DIY power points and cables that can be soft wired together. CMS products allow the DIY builder to fit many of the 240V cables and power points into the walls of the Motorhome or Caravan during construction, and therefore limit the onsite time of a qualified electrician to the final inspection and testing. A standard set-up would include the CMS power inlet that accepts 240V power into your RV via a 15amp extension lead. A CMS circuit breaker has a loom that connects to the power inlet then off to the first power point. A second cable then also connects to the rear of the first power point and heads off to the next power point. This continues around the RV.

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