Origin Energy has been the first company to release the Tesla Power Wall Battery system.

Joe Springer reviewing the Tesla Powerwall in California earlier this year

According to the Financial review on Thursday Elon Musk from Tesla said that this system will be released with a package through Origin Energy. Arch rivals AGL Energy and Energy Australia is also keen on tapping into this market. CEO Brian Springer from Springers Solar says that their company is ‘holding the line’ for a better product soon to be released from Enphase Energy. This company is America’s largest Micro inverter system manufacturer and their expertise in what is required for our market in batteries is second to none.

Enphase AC Battery

Enphase have already released a product called Envoy S that is an interface for ALL inverters to enable the customer to determine the right battery power wall to purchase. An existing home owner who has a micro inverter or String inverter can now purchase this interface to establish their needs in Battery Supply. The home owner can now monitor system production and home energy consumption from any web connected device. Installing the ‘Enphase Envoy S metered’ ahead of the Enphase AC Battery enables you to collect consumption data to determine the number of AC Batteries required. See the ‘Envoy S Metered’ on our website plus the soon to be released Enphase AC Battery: