ALVOLTA Aluminum Black Solar Panel Bracket (UnDrilled)

ALVOLTA Aluminum Black Solar Panel Bracket (UnDrilled)

ALVOLTA Aluminum Black Solar Panel Brackets (UnDrilled) - Price is Per Bracket

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ALVOLTA Black Solar Panel Aluminum Brackets (UnDrilled)

The Alvolta range of aluminium solar panel brackets are perfect for mounting solar panels on your boat, caravan, 4wd, motorhome and much more! As these brackets are made using high quality angle aluminium they won't deteriorate over time like other brackets and overall are a much sturdier type of material to use. 

The black anodized brackets come undrilled. Precut! Dimensions are 200mm x 50mm x 25mm x 4mm thick. With no holes you can drill your own holes & customise as needed. It is also recommended to glue the brackets down with silicone to water proof any connections and for added peace of mind that the solar panel has been securely installed on the roof.

For a small panel for example a 100W we would suggest using 4 brackets ( 2 near the top and 2 near the bottom). For a larger module 180W and bigger it is recommended to use 6 brackets with the 3rd set of brackets providing extra mounting support in the middle of the solar panel.


- Pre cut into lengths of 200mm

- Undrilled for easier customisation

- Solar brackets lift the panel up to allow for air flow underneath

- Aluminium material which won't deteriorate as opposed to other brackets

- Powder coated Black aesthetic look to suit black framed solar panels 

**Price is Per Bracket**

Dimensions200mm X 50mm X 25mm
ColourPowder Coated Black

ALVOLTA AluminumBlack Solar Panel  Brackets (UnDrilled)