Road Chef 12V Oven

Road Chef 12V Oven


Brand: Road Chef

Reference No. RCL12VO



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Introducing the Road Chef 12V Oven: Save Money, Save Time, Eat Well


• Perfect for Pre Prepared meals  

• Big Enough to feed the whole family  

• Fits 8 pies at once


• Awesome for snacks on the go  

• Delicious Pizzas  

• Don't forget dessert


• Prepare in bulk to save time and money  

• Great for snacks  

• Keep it simple or cook like a chef

Set Up:

Setting up and installation of your Road Chef oven is extremely simple. Once you’ve determined which method you will be using for your power supply, simply plug your Road Chef oven in, set your temperature gauge to the required temperature, turn the timer switch on for the time you will need to cook and after preheating the oven, put your food in. It really is that simple!

Here are a few other things for you to consider when setting your oven up:

1. Your oven comes with a set of ‘tie down’ clamps that can be used to securely attach it in your vehicle or the like. There are slots at the top and bottom of the oven allowing you to secure it to a shelf or roof of your vehicle. Simply insert the two prongs into the slots in the side of the oven and screw the brackets down. Periodically check the attachment to ensure it has not become loose.

2. The baking racks can slide in and out of the oven making it easier for you to reach your food. Be aware that the baking racks get very hot and appropriate hand protection should be used when handling them. The trays do not have a stopper on them, however they should ONLY be extended so that 1/3rd of the rack is out of the oven. If you extend it further than this the tray may buckle and/or fall out causing injury.

3. If the oven is ‘rattling’ when you are driving, when the oven and racks are cool, you can gently pinch down the arms on the sides of the racks so that they hold tightly onto the arms inside the oven.

4. The oven does not require any ventilation at the rear, sides, top or bottom and as such can safely be recessed.

5. The oven is insulated on 5 sides using fibreglass insulation. This should keep the outside temperature below 40°C although this can vary depending on the ambient temperature. The door is insulated through a double wall which only allows convection to heat it up. 


Set your Road Chef oven to the desired temperature with 180°C the approximate maximum temperature. Most modern recipes and instructions provide cooking time for a fan forced oven. As the Road Chef is not fan forced it will take longer to create similar results. To achieve the best results, we suggest you preheat the oven for 20-30 minutes, especially if you are cooking with fresh ingredients. The Road Chef oven’s heat source is on the bottom of the inside of the oven and heat is transferred throughout the oven through conduction of the metal and convection in the air. We recommend that you do not over fill the oven, which reduces air flow and to rotate your food between shelves and on the shelves through out the cook to avoid hot spots. Food in baking trays and alfoil or similar coverings can be placed directly onto the bottom of the oven however you should check it regularly as it is easy to burn food using this method. If you are reheating or cooking frozen food we suggest that you rotate your food between shelves and on the shelves throughout the cook to avoid the outside burning before the middle is defrosted.

Ideal for:

  • 4WD Activities
  • Camping
  • Tradespeople
  • Long-haul Transport
  • Caravans
  • Boats
  • Touring
  • Farmers, etc..

The Road Chef Oven runs from a 12 volt power supply. The oven will draw 8.3 Amps / 100 Watts when it is operating fully.

You have three options of how to plug your oven in. Via:

1. Anderson Plug  
2. Cigarette Lighter Plug   
3. Merit Plug

Most vehicles cigarette lighter plugs are designed to take a maximum of 10 Amp, so while the oven is only drawing 8.3 Amp, this is close to its limit so we suggest you hardwire it directly to your battery using the Anderson plug. If you are using the oven regularly or if the cigarette lighter socket is old, worn or loose then there is a higher chance of failure, especially when driving on rough or uneven ground. The Anderson plug provides a superior connection and will reduce the chance of a poor connection heating up and potentially melting the cigarette/merit plugs.

The oven cord is fitted with an inline 15A fuse as well as a secondary 15A fuse within the cigarette/merit plug. If either fuse does blow then there is most likely a problem that you should diagnose and rectify before replacing the fuse. On the front of the oven is an “On” indicator light. 

This light will only illuminate when the following criteria are met:
1. There is power reaching the oven   
2. The oven Timer is switched on and is counting down   
3. The Temperature Gauge is switched on

The oven is fitted with a thermostat so if the desired temperature is met then the light will go off, as it is not heating anymore, until the temperature drops and the element comes on again.

(W) 320mm 
(D) 277mm 
(H) 195mm 

(W) 270mm 
(D) 255mm 
(H) 100mm

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