Amber energy subscription service: wholesale energy prices for Australian home battery owners.

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Who is Amber?

Amber is an Australian energy retailer and technology company. Their aim is to reinvent the way Australian homeowners buy and sell energy, to help accelerate the shift to a 100% renewable energy future.

Unlike other energy retailers, Amber doesn't charge a fixed rate for energy, instead, they work off a subscription model which gives their customers access to wholesale energy prices. Amber customers are also given the tools and incentives to make the most of the wholesale access, giving them the freedom of control over their power and costs.

Take Advantage of the Wholesale Price

With Amber, customers get direct access to the wholesale energy price as it changes throughout the day.

Energy prices fluctuate throughout the day, often changing every half an hour based on the supply and demand of energy. The current trend shows that energy costs are typically lower during the day, due to increased solar generation offsetting the grid energy demand. Prices then spike in the early evening when solar generation peters off and the grid electricity demand increases.

Access to wholesale prices with Amber allows customers with solar and battery systems to maximise their self-consumption, saving them hundreds of dollars on their electricity bills. 

Why Amber for Batteries?

As Much Control as You Want

Charge, export or preserve your battery. With the Amber for Batteries app, you can take control of your battery any time you like. Watch the earning tick up live.

More power over your power with deeper data. See everything that matters, including what your battery plans to do next, activity history, usage, costs and impact.

Boost Your Battery the Smart Way

Your battery, your plan. Amber's SmartShift™ technology looks at your solar generation, energy usage, and wholesale prices to create a personalised plan to get the best out of your battery.

More of what you want, automatically. Choose your automation more, depending on what matters to you - a fuller battery or earning extra from your energy exports.

Earn Wholesale Feed-in Tariffs for Your Exports

Supercharge your savings. Get access to the same variable feed-in tariff as big energy companies. Earn up to $19 per kWh for kicking fossil fuels out of the grid.

Top up with cheap, green energy. Keep your battery ready to go by charging up when grid prices drop. Sell excess cheap power back when prices peak.

Amber Subscription Model

Amber's aim is to keep things simple, which is why they offer a straightforward pricing model for their services. The $19/month subscription fee is the only profit Amber makes, unlike other retailers that profit from boosting pricing during peak hours. 

This subscription service allows customers access to the same wholesale rate that the big energy providers get - taking out the expensive middle-man.

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Quality Components. 21 Years Experience. Proven Performance.