Diversity & Equality 

Cultivating a diverse environment with equal opportunities for all. 

Celebrating Diversity, Fostering Inclusion

We celebrate diversity as a source of strength and inspiration. Our commitment to inclusivity is unwavering.

We believe an inclusive workplace, where every team member can be themselves, leads to better experiences for our team and customers.

Our Pledge

We value, respect, and leverage the unique contributions of people from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. 

Our goal is to create a workplace where all team members feel included and encouraged to reach their full potential, irrespective of individual differences.

Our Objectives

We have established measurable objectives to continually work towards our vision.

These objectives include:

  • Increasing gender diversity in senior roles
  • Addressing systematic barriers to women's progress
  • Creating a welcoming environment for LGBTQI+ team members, and
  • Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

We are also committed to offering opportunities to people with disabilities, celebrating our multicultural diversity, and being an employer of choice for people at all life stages. 

Our Principles

We recruit, reward, develop, and promote our team members based on individual performance performance, capability, and potential.

Our leaders are dedicated to creating an environment where everyone can be themselves, allowing all team members to reach their full potential.

Our in-house People and Culture Manager is responsible for managing the progress of our diversity-related initiatives and reporting to ensure effectiveness. We are committed to reviewing our efforts to create a workplace that truly values diversity and inclusion.