Solar and Battery Installations

Professional solar and battery solutions for Queensland homes and businesses.

Solar and Battery Installations

Professional solar and battery solutions for Queensland homes and businesses.

Quality Components.

22 Years Experience.

Proven Performance.

Maximise Your Solar Energy With A Solar Battery

Pairing a solar battery with your solar energy system is the best way for home and business owners to maximise their solar self-consumption. Imagine storing any excess solar your system produces during the day in a battery, ready to be used at night or during power outages... That’s exactly what a solar battery allows you to achieve.

Adding a solar battery to your solar system installation will generate greater returns long term. This is because self-consumption (using your solar energy rather than exporting it) is worth roughly double your feed-in tariff, meaning that using up as much of your solar as possible is the key to maximising your solar savings.

Why Springers Solar Should Be Your First Choice

At Springers Solar, we’ll be straightforward with you - we guarantee our customers only the highest quality components with proven performance and no hidden fees. 

​As a local Brisbane business, we understand the unique challenges posed by the Queensland climate; that’s why we don’t do pre-designed packages. Our team of engineers and project managers tailor your solar system to meet the individual needs of your home, and our in-house installers and electricians make sure your system is installed and operating to the highest standards. 

With 22 years of residential solar installation experience, this is our bread and butter. We are a trusted industry name, known for our gold-standard end-to-end service. A Springers Solar customer is a lifelong customer; we’ll be here for you long after your installation is complete to monitor its performance, service your system, and honour your warranties. 

No Subcontractors

No Subcontractors



Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

Unique Design

Unique Design

Established 2002

22 Years Experience

Quality Components

Quality Components

Benefits Of A Solar And Battery Package

Save on Electricity
Significantly lower or eliminate electricity bills for your home or business
Reduce Reliance on Grid Become self-sufficient and less reliant on the grid, granting you greater energy independence
Reliable Backup Power Reliable backup power - a battery system can continue to power your home even during power outages
Use Solar at Night Use solar energy at night or when the sun isn’t shining
Reduce Carbon Footprint Significantly reduce your carbon footprint and improve your environmentally-friendly initiatives
Short Payback Period Improve your solar self-consumption and decrease your payback period

How Do Solar Batteries Work?

Solar batteries, or solar energy storage systems, work by storing electricity generated by solar panels during the day so that it can be used later when the sun isn’t shining.

  1. Solar panels on your roof collect sunlight as direct current (DC) electricity
  2. The DC electricity is then sent to a solar inverter, which converts it to alternating current (AC) electricity that can be used to power your home or business. 
  3. Any excess electricity that is generated by the solar panels and not used immediately by your home or business can be sent to the solar battery storage system for later use. 
  4. When the sun goes down or when you experience a power outage, your home or business will draw electricity from the solar battery rather than from the grid, reducing your electricity bill and carbon footprint as you rely solely on your self-generated solar power.

If you didn’t have a solar battery installed, your excess solar energy would be exported to the grid in exchange for a feed-in tariff (this can vary depending on your electricity provider, but generally, it is a few cents per kWh).

Solar batteries allow you to maximise the solar energy you produce; using up as much of your solar as possible is the key to maximising your solar savings, rather than relying on measly FiT rates.

Queensland's Most Experienced Solar Battery Installer

Our Chosen Components

Investing in a solar battery is a significant decision, and it’s crucial to have confidence in the product you select to ensure long-term bill reduction and financial alignment. 

At Springers Solar, we are meticulous in our selection process for the batteries we install in our customers’ homes and businesses. We prioritise the highest quality options that meet individual requirements and can serve your property for years to come.

Solar Batteries

Tesla Powerwall
Premium Battery Solution

Power your energy independence with Tesla Powerwall; Powerwall offers a hassle-free solution for power backup so you can enjoy solar energy day and night.

SolarEdge Home Battery
Integrated Battery Solution

Experience more power, better performance, and maximum safety with the SolarEdge Home Battery. A comprehensive solution so you start saving more, sooner.


Reliable and high-performing. Impressive power output and stackable for expansion.


Great value battery that offers up to 25.6kWh usable capacity.  


Reliable and efficient, PowerPlus batteries are an excellent choice for off-grid applications.     

More solar batteries available

Solar Panels for Homes for Homes and Businesses

Trina Solar Panels
Vertex Range

A high-performance range that maximises power production in limited spaces. Excellent cost-effective panels are available.

SunPower Solar Panels
Maxeon and Performance Ranges

Premium solar panels that offer excellent performance and efficiency rates while also maintaining aesthetics.

More solar panels available

Solar Inverters for Homes

Sungrow Solar Inverter
Sungrow Inverter
Residential Solar Inverters

Ideal for harsh Australian conditions with a high-performance guarantee even in high temperatures and humid environments.

Fronius Gen24 Solar Inverter
Fronius Gen24 Inverter
Residential Hybrid Inverter

Future-proof your home with a solar and battery-compatible hybrid inverter. Fronius Gen24 is an efficient and effective performer for Australian homes.

More solar inverters available
Our Portfolio

Brisbane Motor Museum Solar Panel Installation Case Study

Brisbane Motor Museum


Springers Solar worked closely with the owners of the Brisbane Motor Museum, recently built and opened in Banyo. To mitigate high electricity costs associated with running temperature control 24/7, we installed a 100kW solar energy system and four Tesla Powerwall batteries. 

The batteries were also selected to guarantee immediate power backup in the event of a grid outage, so as to not risk the preservation of the vehicles. With 54kWh of battery storage capacity, the museum achieves a remarkable level of self-sufficiency on solar energy.

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Springers Solar Residential Case Study Toowoomba

SolarEdge-Optimised and Tesla Powerwall Residential System


Springers Solar collaborated with the customer and the builder of this new home to accurately estimate the home's anticipated energy usage. With the customer's objectives in mind, which included solar self-consumption, significantly reducing electricity bills, and improving energy independence, Springers Solar developed a 16kW solar energy system with a Tesla Powerwall connection. 

Read More

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Quality Components. 22 Years Experience. Proven Performance.