Three Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in Commercial Solar

Wondering why business owners are opting to invest in commercial solar installation? We have three benefits that will provide some clarity on why the movement is growing.

We’re sure you are no stranger to the fact that an interest in solar and the opportunities it presents is an ever-increasing topic of conversation. Popularity is rapidly increasing in the residential sector, as more homeowners seek to save on their electricity bills. 

But what about commercial solar? As business owners grapple with a multitude of operational and financial matters, the need for a solar installation is often overlooked or prioritised low on the list. 

In reality, a well-designed solar installation can have direct benefits on the operations for your business. Springers Solar director, Joe Springer, helps to explain three major benefits of investing in solar energy. 

Reduce Utility Costs

Improve Brand Image

Property Value

  • Reduce utility costs to increase profit margins

A large expense that every commercial property has to tolerate is a high utility bill, particularly, electricity. This increases the operating costs of the enterprise and eats into profit margins. By making a once-off capital investment into commercial solar, you can cut this monthly expense significantly and increase those profit margins for the long-term. 

Joe Springer confirms, ‘Many of our commercial clients have been able to generate a quick payback from the savings they’ve incurred on their monthly electric bill, which offsets the cost of installation.”

  • Improve brand identity by "going green"

As trends and awareness evolves surrounding climate and the environment, “going green” can actually serve your brand identity in a way that it never has before. Having a large carbon footprint or even an indifferent attitude, is beginning to place businesses light years behind companies that have stayed in front of the green consumerism approach. In many cases, it can be the determining factor for where a customer decides to take their business. 

“Reducing your carbon footprint and incorporating an environmentally-friendly approach is a popular marketing trend and will impress the modern consumer,” Joe states. “The generation with the buying power is far more concerned with the impact of their choices on nature than any previous generation.”


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  • Increase your property value

Solar installation has one final important benefit: your business’s property value will increase significantly when flaunting an efficient solar energy system. While true also for residential and industrial properties, solar installation is a simple ticket to increasing your fixed asset’s value and resale ability. This benefit is another way to offset the cost of installation. 

Ten years ago, investing in commercial solar was often viewed as an unnecessary expense with little value to add. With changing times and trends however, a solar installation today can mean the difference between long-term financial and operational savings. 

Want to see some of the commercial solar installations we’ve completed around North Brisbane? Check out our recent project.

  • We can help!
  • If you are looking to reap the rewards of a solar installation at your commercial property, get in touch with one of our energy consultants. As one of Australia’s longest-serving and most experienced solar installers, we are committed to remaining at the edge of development and providing a cost-effective solution to conventional power sources. With a team of 60+ in-house experts, installers, engineers, and after-sales support we ensure your system will be taken care of and tailor-designed from the initial consultation to long after the install is complete.


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