A New Sustainable Build in Bulimba - 91.3kW Solar Installation for Verde Apartments

Springers Solar partnered with The Geocal Group & 3 Point Projects to install a large solar array to service the brand new build (23 apartments).

Verde Apartments, situated in the heart of Bulimba, is the latest build from P3 Projects in collaboration with The Geocal Group. These 23 apartments have been designed to be greener with sustainability being central to the design ethos of the build. Springers Solar was enlisted to design and install an optimised solar energy solution to reduce dependence on grid electricity for the buildings residents and owners.  

Back in August, Springers Solar installed 91.3kW of solar and a solar battery at the premises as part of these sustainability efforts. The 247 Trina Solar panels service all of the residences, with each apartment benefiting from 3.3kW of solar.

The remaining 15.4kW of solar is used to power communal areas, lighting and services to dramatically reduce reliance on the conventional energy grid. At night, and times where the solar array might not be producing as much power, these areas are backed up by a Tesla Powerwall that stores 13.5kWh's of usable energy for the building.    

The team at Springers worked closely with 3 Point Projects to design the best optimised energy solution for the facility that would successfully allow individualised energy consumption for all 23 apartments and communal spaces. Designed using Enphase Microinverters, this system was able to be optimised for these requirements, essentially dividing the power to each apartment. Springers installed individual metering in the control room to achieve this and allow all homeowners to benefit off the rooftop panels.   

Verde Bulimba was designed thoughtfully to ensure positive outcomes against the known criteria of waste and energy management, positive material selection and water usage. This solar installation displays a visible and measurable commitment to the environment and is a key variable in identifying Verde as part of the sustainable living initiative.

While this system has only been operational for a short time, it is estimated to produce approximately 143 MWh's of energy annually and save over 114t of C02 emissions from the building. Verde is a shining example of sustainable living practices for new builds in Australia and what can be achieved when making sustainability a priority in new housing developments.  

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