Are REC Solar Panels Worth It for Australian Homes?

As Certified REC Solar Installers, here is why we recommend REC to homeowners or businesses looking for quality solar panels.

As one of Queensland's longest-serving and most experienced solar companies, we have joined REC's network of Certified Solar Installers to bring our customers another premium solar panel range. Read on to discover why and for who we recommend REC solar panels and why you must have your REC panels installed by a REC Certified Solar Installer so you don't miss out on exclusive warranty extensions.


Is REC a Reliable Solar Manufacturer?

REC was established in 1996 in Norway and has since expanded to be a global leader in the solar manufacturing industry. With over 25 years of experience in the manufacture of wafers, solar cells, and solar panels and a key focus on sustainable production, REC's products are a superb example of when efficiency meets sustainability. The global headquarters remain in Norway, with its production sites based in both Norway and Singapore.

Springers Solar has over 20 years of experience in the solar industry, and we are confident in REC's product quality and are proud to install REC panels on our customer's rooftops. 

Are REC Solar Panels Suitable for Australian Homes and Businesses?

Australians need to consider carefully which panel to install on their roof, as salt, hail, winds, and high temperatures are prevalent and can quickly deteriorate ill-quality panels. REC has designed its solar panels to withstand the harsh conditions of the Australian climate, and its panels are considered one of the best on the market for Australian homes and businesses. With stringent internal testing for extreme environments and additional third-party testing, REC panels are repeatedly reliable in their quality.

Performance is guaranteed with advanced cell technology, innovative twin-panel design to overcome shading issues, improved flow of electric current, and support bars to protect the cells and ensure a super-strong frame. This high-quality level has made REC leaders in avoiding power loss due to degradation, meaning you're able to generate more power from your panels for longer. This ultimately saves you more money and makes the return on investment shorter. 

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Quality for Cost

Being a premium solar panel with top-of-the-range quality, REC's panels can be a more substantial investment than other ranges we offer. It is important to have a chat with one of our solar consultants so they can complete a site inspection and analyse your energy consumption to produce an accurate quote. We recommend REC to those who want their panels to perform above average, prefer an elegant solar design, and wish to have a hassle-free, low degradation system for decades to come. 

Extended REC Warranty with Springers Solar

REC Certified Installers undergo a stringent installer certification program to equip themselves with the best practices and tools to install REC panels for customers. Our team of in-house installers are all REC Certified Installers, and we are proud to install premium panels with premium service. We are dedicated to ensuring your peace of mind for the quality of your installation is our front-of-mind.

By choosing a REC Certified Installer for your installation, you can benefit from REC's unique REC ProTrust Warranty package at no additional cost. The REC ProTrust Warranty provides an extra 5 years of product warranty cover (25 years total) and up to 25-year labour cover* in addition to REC's 25-year performance warranty. 

We highly recommend installing your REC through a REC Certified Installer so you can benefit from the extended 25-year product and labour warranty. 

*Subject to conditions. See the REC website for more details.

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What are the Best REC Panels on Offer?

We offer both the REC TwinPeak 4 Panel in 370W and the REC Alpha Pure Series in 405W (pictured above).

The REC TwinPeak 4 panel is the cost-effective option that offers the famous optimised, innovative technology REC is renowned for. With the TwinPeak p-type mono design, this panel delivers high power per square metre and greater performance in shade. 

The REC Alpha Pure Series is REC's premium panel, and offers higher power density through advanced cell technology, delivering 20% more power than conventional panels. The gapless cell layout uses the entire panel surface to generate power and creates a seamless, elegant design for rooftops. It is also REC's most environmentally-friendly panel, with eco-conscious manufacturing and lead-free* components for less environmental impact.

Learn more about the REC TwinPeak 4 and REC Alpha Pure Series panels we have on offer here, or send us a message below to have one of our expert REC solar consultants get in touch with you to discuss which option suits you and your property. 

*ROHS compliant.

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Who Are We?

Springers Solar provides quality components with proven performance, backed by industry-leading warranties, and dedicated after-sales support. Thousands of satisfied customers over more than 20 years of operation make Springers Solar one of the most established and experienced solar companies in Australia. Springers Solar has received multiple awards for design and installation and is a certified/preferred installer for a large range of solar panel, inverter, and solar battery manufacturers, including REC, Tesla, and SolarEdge. Our dedicated in-house team of electrical engineers, project managers, solar PV designers, solar installers and electricians work closely with you before, during, and long after your project is completed. Springers Solar offers an industry-leading 10-year workmanship warranty which is a testament to our qualified staff and offers you outstanding value and peace of mind.


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