Best Solar Batteries On Offer In 2024

Solar batteries we recommend for maximising your energy independence.

In recent years, solar energy has experienced a significant surge in popularity among Australian home and business owners looking to save money on increasing electricity prices. 

The addition of solar batteries is also becoming an attractive prospect thanks to the protection energy storage can provide homeowners. Generating and storing your own electricity through solar power enables property owners to evade frequent power outages caused by Australia’s unpredictable weather events.

Tesla Powerwall Installation

The right solar battery guarantees that your lights stay on even when others in your neighbourhood lose power.

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As one of Queensland’s most experienced and longest-serving solar installers, we know that a high-performing solar system must consist of good-quality, reliable components - so it’s critical to do your research when selecting your solar battery.

To help you with this process, we’ve narrowed the list and determined which solar batteries you should consider for your Australian home or business in 2024.

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Maximising Solar Storage: 

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Solar Battery for Your Australian System

Selecting solar system components that are optimised for your property’s individual needs and performance goals is the key to ensuring the greatest return on investment. 

When selecting a solar battery to include or add-on to your existing solar energy system, there are several key factors to consider:

  • Longevity in the market
  • Energy storage (kWh)
  • Ability to upscale
  • Solar battery warranty period
  • Battery monitoring capabilities
  • Ongoing service and support within Australia

Ultimately though, the “best” solar battery will come down to the specific requirements of your energy system and the budget you're working with. 

It’s important to do your own research and consult with a professional solar installer to determine the most appropriate battery for your system (that’s where we come in! Contact us here for a free quote).

Top Solar Batteries in Australia 2024

Tesla Powerwall

Longevity in the Market

Tesla, founded in 2003, is a global leader in renewable energy innovation. Tesla offers more than just electric cars; their premium solar battery, the Tesla Powerwall, is one of the most reliable and powerful solar batteries currently on the market.

With Tesla Powerwall, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home will always have a reliable source of power. Tesla Powerwall is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that stores excess solar energy generated during the day for use at night or during power outages. 

Tesla Powerwalls Installation

Tesla Powerwall Rebate

Tesla Powerwall becomes even more powerful when integrated with a solar PV system. When connected to your solar panels, the Powerwall will recharge during the day with sunlight, costing you nothing to keep it charged for nighttime use. 

When the grid goes down, the Powerwall automatically becomes your home or business’s energy source, keeping your lights on, appliances running, and phones charged without the need for generators, fuel, or noisy upkeep. 

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Tesla Powerwall

Energy Storage

The Tesla Powerwall is one of the most trusted and reliable solar batteries currently on the market, offering an energy capacity of 13.5 kWh per unit.

Ability to Upscale

Up to 10 Tesla Powerwalls can be stacked to achieve a usable capacity of 135 kWh.

Warranty Period

Tesla offers a complete 10-year warranty on all Powerwalls.

Monitoring Capability

Monitoring the performance of your solar system and Tesla Powerwall is essential in ensuring that your system is functioning optimally, maximising energy efficiency and savings, and identifying potential issues early. 

You can easily track the performance of your Tesla Powerwall with the Tesla App from your mobile. The Tesla App monitors your home’s energy production and consumption, giving you valuable real-time insights into your energy usage. 

Tesla App

You can customise your settings to optimise your system for solar savings, energy independence, or outage protection, depending on your personal goals. The app also offers instant alerts and remote access, allowing you to control your system from anywhere at any time. 

With the ability to track your energy usage and adjust your settings on the go, you can have greater control over your energy costs and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a reliable and efficient energy system.

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Tesla Powerwall Installer

Ongoing Service and Support in Australia

Tesla has stores and service centres in every major city in Australia. 

Tesla Australia has built a vast Certified Installer Network for Powerwall and Wall Connector installations and services. Selected Installers are certified by Tesla to install and service their Powerwall and Wall Connectors. This network allows customers to receive local support from companies they know they can trust.

Springers Solar has been a Tesla Premium Certified Installer since 2018, and is one of Queensland’s most trusted Tesla Powerwall installers. Contact us here for more information.


Longevity in the Market

BYD has gained global recognition as a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles (EVs) and clean energy solutions. Founded in 1995, BYD has rapidly expanded its presence and diversified its product offerings over the years.

Leveraging its energy storage expertise, BYD provides solar battery solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Their energy storage systems help optimise energy consumption, store excess renewable energy, and enhance grid stability.

BYD Battery Installation

From suburban homes to large-scale commercial sites, BYD’s line of battery storage solutions is suitable for any application. This is due to the substantial scalability of their battery modules. With BYD, it’s entirely possible to start small and add additional storage capacity later, at any point during the battery’s lifespan.

BYD Battery-Box Premium HVS

Energy Storage

The BYD Battery-Box HVS module is the beginning of the BYD residential battery solutions. One Battery-Box Premium HVS is composed of 2 to 5 HVS battery modules that are connected in series to achieve a usable capacity of 5.1 to 12.8 kWh. 

Ability to Upscale

Up to 3 identical Battery-Box Premium HVSs can be connected in direct parallel to allow a maximum capacity of 38.4 kWh. This module has the ability to be scaled by adding HVS modules or parallel HVS stacks later in the lifespan of the batteries.

BYD Battery-Box Premium HVM

Energy Storage

The BYD Battery-Box HVM module offers the middle ground of the BYD residential battery solutions. One Battery-Box Premium HVM is composed of 3 to 8 B-Plus HVM 2.71 battery modules that are serially connected to achieve a usable capacity of 8.1 to 21.7 kWh.

Ability to Upscale

Up to 3 identical Battery-Box Premium HVMs can be connected in direct parallel to allow a maximum capacity of 65.0 kWh. This module has the ability to be scaled by adding HVM modules or parallel HVM stacks later in the lifespan of the batteries.

BYD Battery-Box Premium LVL

Energy Storage

Finally, the BYD Battery-Box LVL module offers the top tier of the BYD residential battery solutions. The BYD Battery-Box Premium LVL is a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery for use with an external inverter. Thanks to its control and communication port (BMU), the Battery-Box Premium LVL scales to meet the project requirements, no matter how large they may be.

Ability to Upscale

One Battery-Box Premium LVL offers 15.4 kWh of capacity. This can be extended at any time to a maximum capacity of 983 kWh of storage. This is achieved by parallel connection of up to 64 Battery-Box Premium LVL15.4 modules.

Warranty Period

​BYD stands behind the quality and reliability of its battery systems, which is reflected in its 10-year warranty coverage. The BYD Battery-Box warranty is inclusive of coverage for material defects and product workmanship.

Monitoring Capability

BYD provides comprehensive monitoring and management through the BYD Be Connect App. BYD owners can easily monitor system performance, track energy production, and identify and resolve potential issues in real-time. 

BYD Be Connect App

Ongoing Service and Support in Australia

If issues arise during the warranty period, customers can rely on BYD's responsive customer support and service network to address their concerns promptly. With an Australian-based service partner, BYD customers have access to local support.


Longevity in the Market

SolarEdge is a global leader in providing smart energy solutions. Established in 2006, SolarEdge developed the DC-optimised inverter solution that changed the way solar power is harvested and managed in photovoltaic (PV) systems. 

The SolarEdge intelligent inverter solution maximises power generation while lowering the cost of energy produced by the PV system, for improved return on investment. SolarEdge released its first energy storage solution in 2021 with the announcement of the SolarEdge Home Battery. 

The SolarEdge battery allows homeowners to store excess solar energy and use it during peak demand times or in the event of a power outage. This battery was designed with other SolarEdge components in mind and is the penultimate component in the SolarEdge Home - a complete energy ecosystem designed for residential properties.

This has made the SolarEdge Home Battery a perfect match for SolarEdge inverters and solar panels. Whether you’re adding to an existing system or looking to install a brand new solar system, the SolarEdge Home Battery seamlessly integrates with the top-tier SolarEdge Inverters and Smart Panels to offer one single source for everything in your energy system.

SolarEdge Home Energy Bank

Energy Storage

The SolarEdge Home Energy Bank offers high overall system performance with up to 94.5% round-trip efficiency and an energy capacity of 10kWh.

Ability to Upscale

Up to 3 SolarEdge Home Battery can be stacked per inverter in a solar energy system.

Warranty Period

SolarEdge offers a comprehensive 10-year warranty for the SolarEdge Home Battery.

Monitoring Capability

SolarEdge provides comprehensive monitoring and smart energy management solutions through its cloud-based platform. Homeowners, installers, and solar operators can remotely monitor system performance, track energy production, and identify and resolve potential issues in real time. 

The platform also supports smart energy management features, allowing users to control energy consumption, optimise self-consumption, and even participate in demand response programs.

Ongoing Service and Support in Australia

With a dedicated Australian support team in Melbourne, Victoria, SolarEdge has on-the-ground assistance for Australian customers. They are able to ensure reliable and efficient warranty or replacement services Australia-wide.


Longevity in the Market

Sungrow is a leading solar manufacturer that specialises in the research, development, production, and sales of solar inverters, energy storage systems, and related renewable energy solutions. Founded in 1997, Sungrow has grown to become one of the largest inverter manufacturers in the world, with a significant presence in the global renewable energy market.

Sungrow has become a global leader in solar inverter technology due to the company's heavy involvement in research & development of renewable energy solutions. Sungrow is driven by innovation and boasts a broad product portfolio, from basic inverters to large, utility-scale storage systems that consistently outperform competitors. 

The company offers a range of energy storage systems that enable homeowners, businesses, and utilities to store excess solar energy and use it when demand is high or during power outages. These storage solutions contribute to increased energy self-consumption and grid stability.

Sungrow Home Solar Battery

Energy Storage

The Sungrow Home Solar Battery solution is composed of 3 to 8 battery modules that are connected in series to achieve a usable capacity of up to 25.6 kWh per unit.

Ability to Upscale

Up to 4 Battery Units can be connected in parallel to achieve a maximum capacity of 100 kWh.

Warranty Period

Sungrow offers a complete 10-year warranty on the Home Solar Battery.​

Monitoring Capability

Sungrow has a unique monitoring platform for users to access their PV system's performance in real time. iSolarCloud allows owners and installers access to easy monitoring, commissioning, and troubleshooting.

Ongoing Service and Support in Australia

Sungrow has an Australian-based support team located in Sydney. They provide local service and support for all Sungrow component owners


Longevity in the Market

PowerPlus is a trusted Australian manufacturer of reliable, long-lasting energy storage solutions. They design and manufacture Australian-made batteries, cabinets, and Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS) for a wide range of renewable energy projects. 

PowerPlus designs, engineers, and manufactures its energy storage solutions in Melbourne with high-quality materials. Their range of products are easy to use, scalable, and built to last, making them the ideal choice for any renewable energy project. We particularly recommend use for off-grid applications.

PowerPlus Battery Installation
Each of the Australian-made LiFe Premium, LiFe Premium N70 and Eco Series battery lines come with a self-managed Battery Management System (BMS), which guarantees reliable and efficient power for longer.

PowerPlus LiFe4838P

Energy Storage

The PowerPlus LiFe4833P is a lithium battery that offers a versatile solution to suit various applications. The battery offers 3.3 kWh per battery module and 96% round-trip efficiency.

Energy Storage

The PowerPlus Eco4840P battery is constructed with lithium ferro-phosphate (cobalt-free) cylindrical cells and is designed to replace lead-acid batteries. It is compatible with both AC and DC Coupled systems and offers blackout protection, making it the perfect choice for budget domestic systems. This module offers 4.0 kWh capacity per module and the same 96% round-trip efficiency.

PowerPlus Eco4840P

Monitoring Capability

PowerPlus provides internal monitoring software that allows for remote system configurations, analysis, monitoring and maintenance.

Ongoing Service and Support in Australia

Being an Australian-owned and operated company, PowerPlus pride themselves on their locally made components and offer the same commitment to their local support for customers.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, when choosing a solar battery to add to your energy system, it’s important to consider the storage capacity, warranty period, scalability, monitoring capability and brand stability. If you thoroughly evaluate each of these factors, you can ensure that your chosen battery will perform optimally in your system for your energy needs.

Installing solar batteries can be a hefty investment for homeowners to make, so it’s important to engage a solar and battery expert to help you assess your property’s needs and determine the options for your solar system. A solar and battery expert, like us, can help you break down the requirements of your home energy to accurately match you with a solar battery to ensure you get the most out of your energy system.

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Springers Solar provides quality components with proven performance, backed by industry-leading warranties, and dedicated after-sales support. Thousands of satisfied customers over more than 21 years of operation make Springers Solar one of the most established and experienced solar companies in Australia.

Springers Solar has received multiple awards for design and installation and is a certified/preferred installer for a large range of solar panel, inverter, and solar battery manufacturers, including Tesla, REC, and SolarEdge.

Our dedicated in-house team of electrical engineers, project managers, solar PV designers, solar installers and electricians work closely with you before, during, and long after your project is completed. Springers Solar offers an industry-leading 10-year workmanship warranty which is a testament to our qualified staff and offers you outstanding value and peace of mind.

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