Charge HQ App for EVs - What Is It?

The beta app aims to improve smart charging for your EV by utilising your solar production.

If you own or are looking to own a Tesla EV, the Charge HQ app should certainly pique your curiosity. An app that aims to improve smart charging for your EV, home batteries, and other applications, this is a technology - while still in beta mode - that is already incredibly useful for our Tesla customers. 

So what is it? The beta version of Charge HQ is available for free at the moment and measures solar production, home consumption, and EV solar charging levels to adjust and maximise the charge rate of your electric vehicle. The app analyses these factors in real-time to ensure that your EV charging rate is matching the excess production of your solar, right up until the battery is fully charged. Pretty cool, hey?

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An immediate question that might come to mind is, "But what if I don't produce enough excess solar?". The app will then adjust your EV charging to be topped up from off-peak grid energy overnight when it is at its cheapest. So no matter your solar production, the app is working to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to EV charging. 

Odoo CMS - a big picture

A Springers Solar customer gave us first-hand feedback on their experience using the app, and we quote:

            "I have been using this app for a month or so and I am having great success with it to charge the electric car only when excess solar is                    available (excess to home consumption) and also to charge at a set time to a defined percentage of full car battery".

Aside from controlled monitoring and peace-of-mind for EV charging, smart charging is also beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Increased energy independence by using your solar to charge your EV
  • Excess solar power is the cheapest way to charge your EV
  • Decrease your solar payback period (your investment will pay itself off faster!)
  • Assist in creating demand for renewable energy sources
  • Reduce strain on the electricity grid, helping to keep energy prices low
  • Lower your fossil fuel use by generating less electricity from the grid

While Charge HQ is still early in production, our solar experts recommend checking out the app if you are eager to maximise your EV charging from solar. You can configure the app to your personal preferences, by scheduling certain charging periods that suit you and your lifestyle. 

As Charge HQ continues to develop, there will likely be more features that are integrated later down the track. You can find more information via the Charge HQ website here. Interested in installing a solar, battery, and EV charging system at your residential or commercial property? Use our contact form below to have one of our friendly solar experts get in touch.

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