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Queensland's solar boom has brought with it more readily available and affordable energy alternatives for those looking to make the switch to clean, reliable solar energy. As the demand for energy-efficient housing solutions grows, so too do government initiatives to meet renewable energy targets. 

Nine News reported on a new Queensland government project aiming to establish affordable, zero-emission housing in Brisbane. Deputy Premier, Steven Miles, claims the two suburban communities will be entirely solar and battery-powered using TeslaPowerwall or AlphaESS battery technology. 

"This is all about delivering affordable housing, delivering jobs, and leading the way in what renewable communities can look like," Miles said.

The Queensland Government led energy-efficient housing developments are located in Carseldine and Oxley with the first stages of both projects almost completely sold out. With a large focus on environmentally friendly solutions, this project also promises large savings for homeowners; "Everyone who buys one of these properties or lives in one of these properties will benefit from between $1600 and $2000 a year in savings, each year on their energy bills," Miles said. 

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With efforts continuing to differentiate Queensland as a leader in renewable energy targets, providers believe large scale communities with solar battery-powered systems will be the future. 

"This is the future of the grid," said Michael Kane, Queensland's Economic Development Leader. 

But this initiative is not the first step the government has made towards more sustainable and energy-efficient living solutions. The introduction of the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) has seen new house and townhouse requirements to meet a minimum 6-star energy equivalence rating under the rating system. The system works by, "...Providing a 'measuring tape' for energy efficiency, NatHERS helps to make Australian homes more comfortable for their inhabitants and help residents save on energy bills through smarter design choices. ( Optional credits to boost this rating are offered for new dwellings that include a PV solar system. 

As large-scale renewable energy projects continue to be developed as a part of the Government's push to produce 50 per cent renewable energy by 2030, notable growth can be seen towards this target. 

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