The best batteries for home solar installations

What to look out for when choosing a solar battery for your home or business


Homes and businesses across Australia have adopted solar as either their main source of power or at the very least, a substantial secondary electricity source. As the cost of connecting to the grid continues to grow, the idea of reaching complete energy independence from home solar production has become an attractive and now attainable option for those looking to reject traditional energy consumption. Designing a system that allows owners to live completely self sustainably and to not draw any power from the grid requires choosing a solar battery system that can live up to your energy goals. Choosing the best solar battery for your system can come with a lot of complicated product specifications – fear not! We have compiled the most important considerations for you to look out for when shopping the market for your home solar battery. 

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Successful solar systems are scaled accordingly to meet the needs of the household, and just like the panels on your roof are chosen to meet these requirements, so too should your solar battery. Here are some things to look for when comparing solar battery components.

Capacity & Power 

A battery’s capacity is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh) and dictates how much electricity can be produced over a period of time. Capacity and power are two different things and the type of battery you get will largely depend on how you’re planning on using your system. If you are going to be running your entire house or business on solar, then a battery with a low-capacity rating but a high power-rating will be able to do that for you, but only for a few hours at a time. On the other hand, a battery with a high-capacity rating and low power rating will only be able to run a few critical appliances but will be able to do so for extended periods of time. Thankfully, many popular battery solutions are stackable and can be increased to adapt to homes and businesses with larger energy needs or those looking to expand in the future.

When choosing a solar provider to help design and install your system, ensure your current energy consumption and energy goals are at the forefront of conversation. Making sure your system is scaled accordingly to your homes needs is vital to ensure you receive a high performing system and the best return on your investment. A reputable solar installer will always discuss and plan the system design around your current energy consumption, energy goals and potential for system expansion in the future.

Round-trip Efficiency

Round-trip efficiency refers to the amount of energy that can be consumed from your battery versus the amount of energy it took to store it. When your solar battery charges, some energy can be lost due to heat or other insufficiencies. For example, if 2kWh of electricity is fed into your battery and you get 1.5kWh of useable energy back, your solar battery has 75% round trip efficiency. Be sure to check your chosen battery’s round-trip efficiency to ensure it stacks up in the market. 

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Battery Lifespan and Warranty

Solar batteries are constantly charging and discharging energy to your home as you need it and over time your battery’s ability to hold charge will gradually decrease. While a battery may last for 10 years, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will last for 10 years at it’s original capacity. Your solar battery should come with a warranty that guarantees a certain number of cycles or years of useful and high performing life. Most reputable manufacturers guarantee your battery keeps above a certain amount of capacity over the course of the warranty. For example, Tesla offers a warranty on the Powerwall 2 that guarantees 70% energy retention at 10 years following the initial installation date.   

Be sure to ask your chosen solar provider about the lifespan of your solar battery and the maintenance required to get the longest lifespan out of it. Additionally, make sure your system design is maximized to reduce the effect of external temperatures on the battery to increase its lifespan. 

Manufacturer Reputation 

Not all solar batteries are created equal and neither are the companies that sell them. The solar battery market is expanding and there is a huge range of manufacturers from car manufacturers to brand new tech startups. Always evaluate and compare your chosen manufacturer’s history of warranty claims and after sales support guarantees. 


Making the switch to clean, reliable energy is a sizeable investment for any Australian home or business. With countless considerations; system size, design, components and more, it can be easy to begin to feel overwhelmed. We can help! Springers Solar provides quality components with proven performance, backed by industry-leading warranties, and dedicated after-sales support.  With 19 years experience designing, installing and servicing solar energy systems and solar batteries we know what performs for Australian homes and businesses. We take pride in only installing premium components with proven performance and are sure to exclusively align our business with manufacturers with the same history of excellence. We are a Premium Certified Tesla Installer, an LG Platinum Solar installer and a Fronius service partner.

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