​Brisbane Motor Museum


Brisbane motoring enthusiasts are gaining an exciting new venue from 16th June 2023 when the Brisbane Motor Museum opens its doors in Banyo. The Brisbane Motor Museum is a luxe hub for automobile and bike lovers, featuring over 900 square metres of exhibition space to showcase 40-60 vehicles. The exhibitions rotate every three months and adjust accordingly to a set theme, much like an art gallery.

To preserve the vehicles’ conditions and facilitate a comfortable space for patrons in the heart of Brisbane, a large amount of energy will be used daily to run air conditioning and humidity control continuously. 

To offset the high cost of electricity, a 100kW solar system was installed on the building’s tilted and flat roof areas, utilising as much space as possible with 270 x 370W SolarEdge Smart Panels. Three 30kW three-phase SolarEdge inverters were selected for their superior performance in commercial applications.

The Museum will be largely self-sufficient on solar energy thanks to the 54kWh battery storage capacity provided by the four Tesla Powerwalls installed in the interior. The batteries provide additional security and protection for the Museum, as they showcase “old world” cars and bikes in which the preservation of their materials is essential to the longevity of the vehicles. 

In the event of a power outage, the Tesla Powerwalls would immediately provide backup power and the Museum would continue to run essential appliances. The batteries also offset nighttime temperature control power usage.

The inclusion of the batteries in this system allows the Museum to operate almost entirely off solar power, significantly reducing its carbon footprint and its electricity bill. This system is expected to save 192 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year from being released into the atmosphere. 

“It was hassle-free and very seamless, and as you can appreciate, two years from the start of the installation there is a lot that can go wrong, but Springers didn’t miss a beat the whole way through. Even when we had delays from multiple contractors and suppliers, [Springers] managed to fit in the bill when we needed them and hassle-free”.