Bromelton Solar

Panels - 285 x LG 350W NeON 2 Solar Modules
Inverter - SolarEdge Synergy 82.8kW
Optimisers - SolarEdge P850 2-in-1 Series Optimiser
Rated Output of System (kW) - 99.75

This Macadamia Farm in Bromelton, South of Brisbane, wanted to make their property more self-sufficient and offset some, if not all, of their power bills. The design includes optimised solar modules thanks to SolarEdge meaning more monitoring capabilities, more output and more options for the system.

Springers Solar utilised engineers on design and structural capabilities to maximise the number of panels we could install on the roof of the property within the commercial STC's. For additional smart system capabilities and advanced monitoring, Springers Solar suggested installing SolarEdge and the SolarEdge smart monitor to optimise energy monitoring and increase solar self-consumption. The additional monitoring capabilities have allowed for a reduction in power consumption, assisted in maximising production usage and bill reduction.

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