Batteries Powerwall 2 6kW - 15kW REC

After building a new home in Cannon Hill, Brisbane, our customers looked to complete their family home with a solar and battery installation. They reached out to Springers Solar to find out how to make their energy independence from the grid possible. They came to us with two goals in mind: minimise their electricity bills and maximise their solar energy consumption to become more self-sufficient. 

Springers Solar designed and installed an 8.91kW solar system connected to battery storage to meet their energy goals. 22 x 405W REC Alpha Pure solar panels were selected for their premium performance - with advanced cell technology from REC, the panels will maximise solar generation to power the home during the day and charge the battery with surplus energy. The REC Alpha Pure series is an all-black panel for a sleek and modern design, meaning the family didn’t need to compromise aesthetics for high performance. 

A SolarEdge 8.25kW Genesis Solar Inverter was paired with the solar panels for its record-breaking inverter efficiency for more energy production. All connected to a Tesla Powerwall, capable of storing up to 13.5kWh, this family can generate and store enough solar energy to power their home for over a day without grid connection.

Based on the home’s size and location, their yearly power bill was estimated to total $2,781 p.a. With the home’s solar and battery system, their yearly bill is estimated to be reduced to $457 p.a., a total saving of $2,324 p.a.

The environmental benefits are also substantial, with the home reducing its carbon footprint by avoiding over 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions every year. Over the system’s lifetime, that’s equivalent to having planted 2,245 trees or avoiding 250 long-haul flights. 

By running their major energy consumers (swimming pool, washing machine, dryer, and temperature control) during the day while their panels are generating solar energy, the family will require little reliance on conventional electricity thanks to their battery storage. Self-sufficient energy production and storage is a feasible way for families to power their energy independence and reduce their electricity bills for the long term.