Chermside Kedron Community Church

SolarEdge 25kW - 40kW TrinaSolar

Chermside Kedron Community Church in North Brisbane sought a solution to lower their power bills and become more energy-efficient, so naturally, the owners looked to install solar for a sustainable option. The congregation operates out of a large, multi-space building that is open six days a week, resulting in high power loads that needed to be offset in cost. "We've been wanting to go solar for quite some time to be more energy-efficient and more sustainable. Our electricity bill was huge - we've got a cold room, air conditioning, lights in the carpark and security lighting, and a fair load of energy being consumed at night from fridges and freezers. But most of our power usage was during the day, which meant we were in the perfect position to do it", explained CKCC Treasurer, Kendall. 

Kendall and the CKCC team reached out to a few different solar companies and ultimately chose Springers Solar to proceed with their project. "We did our due diligence, we actually interviewed three different companies to get a feel for them, and we were pleased to choose Springers as they are local and have been in the business for quite some time". Eddie Springer, the lead solar consultant for the project, worked closely with CKCC to ensure their goals were understood and the solar system would perform beyond those goals for years to come. 

Springers designed and installed a 39.6kW total capacity system to power CKCC's daytime intensive power loads, customising a Trina and SolarEdge system for ultimate energy efficiency. The 88 x 450W Trina TALLMAX panels were selected for their module efficiency, resulting in high power, high reliability, and high energy generation. Positioned on the flat northeast roof ensures maximum solar generation to support the power-intensive portions of the day, from 9am to 2pm. 

A SolarEdge 30kW Three Phase Inverter is paired with the Trina rooftop solar as it delivers superior efficiency and reliability for a large facility. The built-in module-level monitoring and SolarEdge app greatly benefit CKCC, who wish to have control and insight over their system for years to come. Six months after the installation was completed, Kendall confirms that they have seen the difference solar has made to their operations: "As the treasurer, I can see the financial results and savings we have had. Particularly because we have a lot of daytime usage that we could offset with the solar and also being able to monitor the system with the app". 

The system is set to produce 42.53MWh of solar energy per annum, covering the bulk of their energy needs. This is estimated to save 34.02t of CO2 emissions from being released into the atmosphere, equivalent to having planted over 1000 trees. CKCC is also set to save approximately $12,000 off their annual power bill, leaving more funds to reinvest in areas that matter to them and their members. Their average monthly bill prior to the installation was sitting around $1,700, whereas their average bill since installation is $720 per month (see their electricity costs in the attached graph). 

Kendall recommends solar to any congregation who is thinking of offsetting their power loads and looking to reduce their energy bill. "It's good to go green anyway, but particularly if their facilities are open during the day", he explained. Sustainability is cost-effective, especially for facilities that operate during the day and are in a position to take advantage of the weather in sunny QLD. Kendall and the CKCC team recommend Springers Solar for congregations looking to make the investment: "Springers were very professional, everybody was pleasant, and what was said was going to happen actually happened. We would certainly recommend their team to other congregations".