Forest Glen Solar

SolarEdge Batteries 15kW+ Q Cells Panels EV Chargers

Panels - Q Cells G6+ Solar Modules
Inverter - SolarEdge HD Wave
Optimisers - SolarEdge P370 Optimisers
Batteries - Tesla Powerwall 2
EV Charger - Tesla Home Charger


These homeowners in Forest Glen, north of Brisbane, wanted to make their home more self-sufficient and offset some, if not all, of their power bills. Part of the design also enables the ability to continue running some appliances, lights and critical loads during a blackout.

Springers Solar recommended the installation of a Tesla Powerwall 2 unit to store excess solar production, to offset bills and offer energy security. For additional smart system capabilities and advanced monitoring, Springers Solar suggested installing SolarEdge and the SolarEdge smart relay to optimise Hot Water energy control and increase solar self consumption. The additional monitoring capabilities have allowed for a reduction in power consumption, assist in maximising storage and reduce bills.

If you would like to know what you're able to accomplish with Solar please contact or give us a call (07) 2102 6249.