Kedron Wavell Services Club

100kW+ SolarEdge LG Panels

400W LG NeON 2 Commercial Panels totalling 100 kilowatts, 82 kilowatts of SolarEdge Inverter capacity with SolarEdge optimiser.



Springers Solar worked with Kedron-Wavell Services Club to reduce the clubs power bill as much as possible, while also allowing for system expansion in due course. Being a large award-winning premier function, an enormous amount of power is consumed to run the facility, from lighting to air conditioning, to large cool rooms and gym equipment. Working towards a sustainable future, Kedron-Wavell Services Club has saved 8 tonnes of Co2 gas being released into the atmosphere and they have generated enough power to run more than 10,000 households for a 24-hour period, since installation.

Utilising roof space, LG NeON 2 panels were the ideal solution for this project due to their high efficiency and lower degradation over time. 250 panels were installed along with optimisers and multiple String Inverters, all tied together by a 24/7 analytics system, allowing the club to track performance and usage.