Mount Samson Solar & Battery

Batteries 15kW+ Q Cells Panels Fronius Inverter

Panels - Q Cells Duo G5+ Solar Modules
Inverters - Fronius & Selectronic Off-Grid
Batteries - 3 x BYD B-box Pro


This home in Mount Samson is completely independent of the grid utilising the 44 panels in the ground mount array to charge the 3 BYD batteries running off the Selectronic and Fronius inverter system. To keep the system tidy and aesthetic all cable work is run underground to and from the array. Springers Solar also installed a generator as a backup power system for the property as the home is completely disconnected from the grid, the home requires constant power from this off-grid set-up.

Springers Solar can design stand-alone power systems to suit almost every requirement, if you would like to know what you're able to accomplish with Solar please contact or give us a call (07) 3067 6201.