Newport Solar & Battery

SolarEdge Batteries Powerwall 2 15kW+ Q Cells Panels

Panels - QCells Q.Peak Duo G6+
Optimisers - SolarEdge Optimisers
Inverter - SolarEdge Inverters
Batteries - Tesla Powerwall 2
EV Charger - Tesla EV Charger

This large residential property in Newport has a three-phase SolarEdge system on it. We chose SolarEdge at this property because of the versatility it gives us in the design on the roof. The roof is quite complex, there are a few shading structures and there are a few different levels. SolarEdge is able to accommodate the design needs at this premises, allowing us to implement a 30kW system. 

There are large air conditioning loads here, there is the pool, there is a hot water system, all of which we can monitor in real-time to see how much energy is being consumed and then also see how much solar energy we're producing. This is a large sophisticated solar system and from this system, we are controlling different items within the house; The solar edge smart relay allows us to control the pool pump. The SolarEdge immersion controller allows us to control the hot water system. All of these items, as well as the Tesla battery increases, the self-consumption is properly.

Springers Solar, and all our employees have been through extensive solar edge training. This ensures that the systems are designed and installed to the specifications required by SolarEdge to make the system work.