North Lakes Solar

LG Panels Fronius Inverter 6kW - 15kW

Panels - LG NeON 2
Inverter - Fronius Symo 2

Powerwall 2 Ready

Today we are looking at a home in North Lakes where Springers Solar have installed 26 LG NeON 2 330W Solar Modules and a Fronius Symo Inverter.

The customer reached out to Springer hoping to upgrade the existing system with new quality components. The customer required their home to be battery ready and the system installed is Powerwall 2 compatible, ready for future installation.

Since the customer has a Fronius smart meter installed we are able to monitor production and consumption through the Fronius solar.web monitoring platform, anywhere in the world.

With a total solar system capacity of 8.5kWs this home on average is 45% self-sufficient, but at it's peak has been 71% self-sufficient. During peak solar energy production, the customer is consuming 30-40% of electricity with the rest being sold back to the grid.

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