Paddington Solar & Battery

LG Panels Enphase Batteries Powerwall 2 15kW+

Panels - LG NeON 2 350W Solar Panel
Inverter - Enphase IQ7+ Micro Inverter
Batteries - 2 x Tesla Powerwall 2



Chris from Paddington, just north of Brisbane, wanted to make his home more self-sufficient and offset some, if not all, of his power bills. As well as being on the wrong end of a number of black-outs, Chris sought advice from Springers Solar on how he could reduce the impact of regular outages and continue running some appliances while the rest of the street remained in darkness.

Springers Solar recommended Chris install a Powerwall unit and should consider installing a second if he would like to store more excess solar throughout the day, to optimise the production and longevity of the installation Springers Solar recommended LG NeON 2 panels for the 25/25 product and performance warranty and Enphase microinverters to maximise performance. To maximise the roof space and offset shading, Microinverters were necessary to ensure Chris was going to see the greatest return on his investment.

With 2 Powerwall units, Chris has 27kWh of usable storage and a max output of 10kW allowing him to use more power-hungry appliances when relying on Powerwall. Powerwall will be charged and discharged before any power is bought from or sold to the grid, once Powerwall is fully charged excess Solar will be sold to the grid.

Chris has already taken steps to reduce consumption with access to the information on the Powerwall app he has a much better understanding of his own usage and is now able to manage his bills more effectively. Chris is considering adding more storage to maximise the excess production and allow him to store more excess solar.

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