Redlands Young Plants

SolarEdge Q Cells

39.9kW system including Q Cells 350W Q.MAXX-G2 Solar Modules
Clenergy Solar Terrace Ground Mount System
SolarEdge 30kW Three Phase Inverter

Redlands Young Plants is a family-owned wholesale nursery that was been growing plants for the past 50 Years. Delivering a wide range of new and vibrant plant varieties, they are renowned for their high quality and diverse product range. 

The team at Redlands Young Plants reached out to Springers Solar to create a system that could provide them with more energy independence from the grid and leave a lighter environmental footprint than conventional energy consumption. 

Having little roof space available but ample land, Springers Solar worked to install a ground mount solar system that could take advantage of the space. Springers Solar installed 114 Q Cells 350W modules and a three-phase SolarEdge inverter to ensure optimal energy production for the business. 

Since installing the system in January 2021, the business has been able to reduce its electricity bills by almost 60%. 

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