SolarEdge-Optimised and Tesla Powerwall Residential System

SolarEdge Batteries Powerwall 2 15kW - 25kW

This large home in South East Queensland is an exceptional example of how Tesla Powerwall can optimise the advantages of a solar energy system. 

Springers Solar had previously installed a smaller solar and battery system for the customer’s Brisbane home. When our customer decided to construct a new home in the hills of the Toowoomba range, he didn’t hesitate to reach out to Dave Whinnett, one of Springer’s expert consultants, to design a sophisticated solar battery system that could power large loads. 

Dave closely collaborated with the customer and the builder to fully comprehend the home’s anticipated energy usage. With the customer’s objectives in mind, which included maximising solar self-consumption, significantly reducing electricity bills, and improving energy independence, Dave developed a 16kW solar energy system with a Tesla Powerwall connection.

The system features x44 360W solar panels, three 5kW SolarEdge single-phase inverters, and three Tesla Powerwalls to provide up to 40kWh of energy storage capacity. This solar and battery system generates and stores sufficient solar energy to power the house all day and night, even with high energy loads such as an indoor pool, central temperature control, and air conditioning.

Furthermore, the Tesla Powerwalls provide backup protection in the event of power outages, resulting in a ten-fold increase in our customer’s self-sufficiency and energy independence. 

The customer can keep track of his system anywhere at any time with the Tesla App and SolarEdge Monitoring platform. The Springers Solar after-sales support team also monitors this system regularly to ensure all components and the overall system are operating optimally. The provided data and insight enable the customer to understand his energy production and consumption patterns and continue to optimise his self-consumption to further decrease his already minimal electricity bills.