Strathpine Solar

100kW+ SolarEdge LG Panels 15kW+

Panels - LG NeON R 360W Solar Panel
Inverter - SolarEdge
Optimisers - SolarEdge


This installation is still one of our favourites, utilising 41 LG NeON R solar modules on a powerful SolarEdge Inverter with panels individually optimised John (the homeowner) has the ability to power certain circuits via the SolarEdge mobile app. John loves the ability to set timers on most power-hungry items and have them switch on and off as required, as part of the install Springers Solar also installed immersion heater control to further reduce John's power bills.

John has taken a number of his own measures to ensure his bills remain low and the ability to monitor his usage via the SolarEdge portal has given him a greater understanding of his appliances and the power they consume individually.

If you would like to know what you're able to accomplish with Solar please contact or give us a call (07) 3067 6201.