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Installing a Tesla EV Wall Charger to a three-phase solar system and a solar battery is a great way to optimise the charging of your electric vehicle. The combination of a three-phase solar system and a solar battery allows for faster charging speeds and the ability to charge your EV during power outages and at night.

Our expert sales consultant, Dave, recently installed a Tesla EV Wall Charger at his home for his Tesla Model 3 vehicle. The charger integrates seamlessly with his existing solar system and Tesla Powerwall battery, providing the freedom to charge his Model 3 with solar power at any time of the day (or night).

A three-phase solar system provides more power than a single-phase solar system, which can result in faster charging speeds for your EV. In addition, a Tesla Powerwall or other solar battery allows you to store excess energy generated by the solar panels during the day to charge your EV at night or during power outages.  

In Dave’s case, as he is charging a Tesla Model 3 on a three-phase solar system, he can expect output power to reach 11kW and provide a charging speed of 75km/h. 

If Dave had a single-phase solar system, his single-phase supply would be expected to produce an output power of 7.4kW to provide a maximum charging speed of 50km/h. It’s important to note though that this is typical when connected to off-peak supply. Most homes are connected to peak supply, meaning that you are limited by Energex to 5kW output power, reducing your charge speed to 32km/h. 

*Note that the figures above are for Tesla Model 3 vehicles, and charge rates differ between electric vehicle models.

Benefits of charging your EV during the day with solar PV connection:

  • Maximise your solar self-consumption

  • Minimises your reliance on grid electricity

  • Improving self-consumption is the most cost-effective way to get the most out of your solar system

Benefits of charging your EV at night with Tesla Powerwall:

  • You can charge your electric vehicle at night or during power outages with stored solar energy

  • Wake up with a fully charged EV

  • Completely reduce your reliance on grid electricity to charge your electric vehicle

We recommend the Charge HQ App to ‘smart charge’ your electric vehicle. The app allows you to adjust and maximise your EV’s charge rates and solar consumption, as well as use excess solar power for charging. This helps to lower the costs of charging your EV further.