Tesla Powerwall 2 Off-Grid solar

SolarEdge Powerwall 2 6kW - 15kW

Panels - Winaico Full Black Solar Modules
Optimisers - SolarEdge Optimisers
Inverters - SolarEdge HD Wave
Batteries - 2 x Tesla Powerwall 2

This specially designed off-grid system was installed in Cannons Creek in the scenic rim region of Queensland and is the first stage of a project Springers Solar will manage, moving this home to complete self-sustainability. The customer approached Springers Solar before building their energy-efficient holiday home not wanting a large space occupied by a battery bank, they required the tidiest set up possible.
So far, Springers Solar has installed 22 Winaico 325W Full Black Modules, each panel is fitted with a SolarEdge DC Optimizer and the entire system is managed by a SolarEdge 6kW HD Wave Inverter. Springers Solar have also installed 2 Powerwall units and a generator.

The property has a tablet installed for on-site monitoring at any time, all components used have offsite monitoring capabilities, easily accessed from anywhere in Australia. Once completed, this system will double in size, with 2 more batteries and 22 more panels booked for installation when the remainder of the property has been built. Due to the location and cost of grid establishment, this customer needed complete off-grid functionality, installing a generator was essential to operate as a back-up power supply for the Solar Modules and Powerwall units.

We will return to Cannons Creek once the project is complete to see how the system is performing.