SolarEdge Batteries Powerwall 2 6kW - 15kW

When a Woodbury resident received a quote to connect their new home to the grid, they investigated whether other options were available to power their property without the hefty bill. 

Located an hour outside Rockhampton, the four-bedroom home needed to supply power for the family’s permanent residence. Due to the rural location, the family was quoted over $100,000 to connect the home to grid power, and monthly power bills were estimated to be high due to the size and energy consumption of the home. 

The customer reached out to Springers Solar to see whether other options were available to avoid the ongoing expense of conventional grid power. The team at Springers assisted the family by determining an energy solution that ticked all the boxes. 

A comprehensive site inspection was conducted remotely using site plans and photos, and it was concluded that an off-grid system would be the best solution for the property. Given the investment for an off-grid system would be less than the cost to connect to the grid and as a result, no ongoing power bills would be incurred, the owner made the easy decision to proceed with an off-grid installation. 

Springers liaised with the customer during the planning stage of the build to ensure that the home would seamlessly accommodate the solar and battery system. 36 x 370W SolarEdge Smart Panels were installed on the Northern and Western-facing rooftops to optimise solar yield. The layout of the array was designed for maximum efficiency while not compromising the aesthetic of the new home, so no panels were placed on the front-facing rooftop. 

A 10kW SolarEdge Genesis Solar Inverter was selected for its high energy production capability. The SolarEdge online portal allows both the customer and Springers Solar to monitor the solar system and ensure it is operating as expected. Triggers have been established to alert the Springers in-house service team if any issues arise or the system requires troubleshooting. The monitoring system allows for immediate action from the Springers team to ensure the power is running for the household at all times. 

The SolarEdge Genesis Inverter is also designed for connection to solar storage, creating a harmonic off-grid system when coupled with the two Tesla Powerwalls and Tesla Gateway that were installed at the rear of the property. With leading energy storage technology that permits solar self-consumption, time-based control, and backup, the Tesla Powerwall provides a reliable and user-friendly solution for 24/7 power. 

The solar array, inverter, and battery storage allow this home to power itself completely off-grid. The two Powerwalls can store up to 27kWh of solar energy, meaning this home could continue to run backup power during inclement weather for two days before the backup generator is required. 

The total system capacity comes in at a generous 13.32kW, designed and engineered by Springers in-house team of electrical engineers and project managers to ensure the property can power heavy loads such as air conditioning and hot water all year long. 

All selected components have comprehensive and lengthy warranty protection to provide peace of mind for the customer. The SolarEdge panels provide a 25-year panel and performance warranty, the SolarEdge inverter includes a 12-year warranty, and each Tesla Powerwall has a 10-year warranty. Complemented with Springers Solar's 10-year workmanship warranty, the customer is assured that their system is protected for years to come by one of Queensland’s longest-standing and most experienced solar companies. 

The Woodbury off-grid home is estimated to produce 20.86MWh’s of energy annually, which means this property is set to save approximately 16.69 tonnes of CO2 emissions being released every year. That’s the equivalent of planting 767 trees! 

The family’s solar and battery off-grid system will comfortably power the home day and night, all without an electrical grid connection. This installation is a testament to the power of a well-designed and installed off-grid system, and demonstrates the financial possibilities of disconnecting from the grid without compromising on lifestyle. 

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