Enphase Batteries Powerwall 2 40kW - 60kW

This large home in Brisbane sought total energy independence with renewable energy to power their home and charge their electric vehicles. 

Three Tesla Powerwalls were installed at the residence to total 40kWh of battery capacity; this is enough to power the home and charge their EVs overnight and through power outages.

The Tesla Powerwall battery system is connected to the home’s Enphase solar system. Pairing Tesla Powerwall with Enphase is a reliable way to ensure that even if the grid fails, one of the Enphase phases can remain active and continue to charge the battery from solar. This system has one Tesla Powerwall per Enphase phase. 

This Tesla and Enphase system prolongs the longevity of battery power the home can access from the Tesla Powerwalls. Usually, a power outage results in the shutdown of the solar system and halts solar production. Enphase’s shade mitigation and microinverter technology ensure that even on cloudy days, solar is still produced and stored in the Tesla Powerwall. 

The homeowner can enjoy complete energy independence with this seamless integration of solar and battery technology, guaranteed to backup priority circuits in the home in the event of a blackout.

The home’s electricity bill will be almost completely eliminated, with the Powerwalls serving as the primary power source, reducing conventional grid power to act only as a backup when needed. 

The homeowners can seamlessly charge their electric vehicles with connections to their Zappi EV Chargers and have the flexibility to choose to charge their EVs with excess solar generation or with primary power thanks to the Charge HQ App.