Batteries - the Key to a Successful Solar System

Here is why batteries are an important feature to consider in your solar installation.

So, you’ve installed a beauty of a solar system, complete with high-performing panels and an inverter that will last the long haul. The only thing missing is a battery to store all the excess energy your system is soaking up during the day… 

To truly reap the benefits of switching to solar, investing in high-quality batteries will set your system apart from the usual install. An increasingly popular practice, installing batteries alongside your solar system ensures that you are making the most of your panels and the energy they receive throughout the day. 

As a way to optimise your solar technology to its maximum potential, installing batteries tick the boxes for home and business owners who wish to achieve the following from their installation:

  • Lower or eliminate their electrical bill cost    
  • Negate conventional electrical consumption and power their property off-grid
  • Reduce their carbon footprint and live a greener lifestyle
  • Increase their energy independence

So, how do batteries help achieve this, and what role do they play in a domestic or business solar system?

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Panels are the face of solar technology and are necessary for harnessing the power of sunlight in its DC electricity form and transmitting it to the solar inverter. The inverter converts DC to AC electricity to be used as functioning power for our household or business. 

Now say, for example, it’s a sunny day and the system is receiving more electricity than it needs to power your property. Excess electricity will flow back into the grid and a small rebate of (usually) a few cents per kWh will be applied to your electricity bill according to how much electricity you exported. This is referred to as a feed-in tariff. 

While you may decide that you’re happy with sharing your electricity with the grid, many are opting to store their excess energy with batteries to optimise for personal use later on. This becomes incredibly useful once winter rolls around and we have fewer hours of daylight, during blackouts, and at night.  

Blackouts and lack of sunlight used to be used as an argument against installing solar - these days, storing your solar energy via battery is a simple and effective way to overcome these hurdles. Depending on your panels and battery storage capacity, you can set up a system that continues to power your property through no-sun or blackout periods. You can also eliminate any dependence on the grid, reducing your power bill and carbon footprint.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Advanced technology from Tesla and BYD has seen storage capacity increase while scaling down on physical size, meaning greater investment return on the cost as well as also increasing the aesthetics of the battery on your home or business. Springers Solar uses Tesla and BYD as our trusted battery providers, and we can assist you with finding out which battery type is right for your property. 

In summary, batteries are the key to ensuring long-lasting, consistent optimisation of your solar installation system, and are a terrific way to reduce your grid dependence, electricity bill, and carbon footprint. To learn how to determine which battery is the best option for your home or business, click here.

How we can help!

Making the switch to clean, reliable energy is a sizeable investment for any Australian home or business. With countless considerations - system, size, design, components, and more - it can be easy to begin to feel overwhelmed. We can help! Springers Solar provides quality components with proven performance, backed by industry-leading warranties, and dedicated after-sales support. With over 20 years of experience designing, installing, and servicing solar energy systems and solar batteries, we know what performs for Australian homes and businesses. We take pride in only installing premium components with proven performance and align ourselves exclusively with manufacturers who have the same history of excellence. We are a Premium Certified Tesla Installer, an LG Platinum Solar Installer, and a Fronius Service Partner. 

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